2004 WBC Results

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776 1776
812 1812
8XX 18XX
A&A Axis & Allies
A3R Advanced Third Reich
ABN Air Baron
ACQ Acquire
ACS Atlantic Storm
ACV Advanced Civilization
ADV Adel Verpflichtet
AFK Afrika Korps
ALH Alhambre
AMR Amun Re
ANZ Anzio
AOA Ace of Aces
AON Age of Napoleon
AOR Age of Renaissance
AOS Age of Steam
ASK ASL Starter Kit
ASL Advanced Squad Leader
ATK Attika
ATS Attack Sub
ATT Attila
AUC Auction
B17 B-17
B81 Battle of Bulge '81
BAT Battle Line
BBS Brawlin' Battleships
BCY Battle Cry
BKN Breakout: Normandy
BLS Battlelines
BRI Britannia
BTB Barbarossa to Berlin
BTF Brute Force
BWD Bitter Woods
CAR Carcassonne
CME Cosmic Encounter
CMS Circus Maximus
DIF Down In Flames
DIM Die Macher
DIP Diplomacy
DUN Dune
E&T Euphrat & Tigris
EAW Empires of the Ancient World
EEG Europe Engulfed
EIS Enemy In Sight
ELC Elchfest
ELG El Grande
EPB Empire Builder
FBS Football Strategy
FDE Formula De
FI5 Facts In Five
FMR Formula Motor Racing
FSE Fortress Europa
FTP For The People
GBC Gettysburg; Badge of Courage
GBG Gettysburg '88
GC2 Great Campaigns 1862
GC3 Great Campaigns 1863
GRD Greed
GSR Gangsters
GUE Guerilla
GXY Galaxy
H&A Hector & Achilles
HEL Hellas
HOS Hammer of the Scots
HRC Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage
HWD History of the World
IWI Ideology: The War of Ideas
JNR Junior Events
KGM Kingmaker
KRM Kremlin
LBG London's Burning
LIB Liberty
LID Liar's Dice
LST Lost Cities
M44 Memoir '44
MDV Medieval
MED Medici
MEX Mexica
MGM Monty's Gamble
MMS March Madness
MOA Mystery of the Abbey
MOV Merchant of Venus
MRA Monsters Ravage America
MRP Mister President
NAP Napoleon
NVW Naval War
NW2 Napoleonic Wars 2 player
NW5 Napoleonic Wars 5 player
OW2 Origins of WWII
PDT Paydirt
PGD Power Grid
PGF Pro Golf
PGG Panzergruppe Guderian
POF Princes of Florence
POG Paths of Glory
PRO Puerto Rico
PRS Princess Ryan's Star Marines
PZB Panzerblitz
QGB Queen's Gambit
RA! Ra
RBN Rail Baron
ROR Republic of Rome
RRY Robo Rally
RSK Risk
RYT Royal Turf
SAR Saratoga
SCT Speed Circuit
SET Settlers of Catan
SFR Santa Fe Rails
SJN San Juan
SLS Slapshot
SOA Storm Over Arnhem
SQL Squad Leader
SSB Superstar Baseball
SSS Shogun/Samurai Swords
SUC Successors
TAM Trans America
TBT Title Bout
THH The Haunting House
TIM Tigers in the Mist
TJM Taj Mahal
TKL Tikal
TRC The Russian Campaign
TT2 Titan 2
TTA Titan The Arena
TTN Titan
TTR Ticket to Ride
TYX Tyranno Ex
UNP Union Pacific
UPF Up Front
VIP Victory In the Pacific
VNC Vinci
WAS War At Sea
WAT Waterloo
WBR Wrasslin' Battle Royal
WNW Wilderness War
WOP Web of Power
WPS Win, Place & Show
WRS Wrasslin'
WSM Wooden Ships & Iron Men
WTP We The People
WZQ Wizard's Quest

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