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2004 WBC Report  

 2005 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Rob Mull, CO

2004 Champion

2nd: Kevin Brownell, ME

3rd: Tim Evinger, PA

4th: Tom Phillips, NJ

5th: Chris Greenfield, NY

6th: Mark Bayliss, UK

Event History
2004    Rob Mull     30

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Rank Name


 1. Rob Mull


 2. Kevin Brownell


 3. Tim Evinger


 4. Tom Phillips


 5. Chris Greenfield


 6.  Mark Bayliss




Over the years, I have run many events at various conventions but never anything quite like the BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS trial event tournament at the 2004 WBC. It all started on Saturday morning, the day of the big event. I was in our Lost Battalion Games booth, all spiffy in my new gamemaster's shirt, when I overheard an associate telling a customer that the game would be demonstrated at the "Café J" at noon. I mentioned that the demonstrating was not scheduled until 1:00 p. m. but was informed that the noon hour had been mistakenly repeated all morning long.

What the heck, I mumbled (or maybe something less repeatable) and, shortly before noon, headed for the "J" to inform anyone there of the actual time. When I got there, who should I find waiting but two old gaming buddies, Wes Coats, his cohort Jim "Smiley" Burnett, and an empty table. We were joined by several others and soon I was explaining the game and leading a practice hand. At 1:00, others arrived, so I started another demonstration. As 2:00 p. m. approached, I announced I had to leave to run the tournament. Then, someone explained that they thought the demo was at 2:00 and the tournament at 3:00. I checked my listing in the handy-dandy program and discovered that I was looking at the little colored boxes in the wrong way. Aarghh!! Had all these nice folks just wandered into these first two demonstrations by accident?

I raced up to "Maryland 4" and found another group waiting in need of a demonstration, even though I should have been down in the "Café J." I fast-talked through my third demonstration of the day. Wonder of wonders, the tournament finally started at 3:00 p. m. with 30 participants.

The first round, with six tables of five players each, included 13 who had taken part in my marathon demonstrations. Only the basic game was used. I was kept busy explaining various fine points at all the tables during what proved to be a fun first round.

For the final round, the winners from each first round table participated and this was a grim group of six, playing for blood. The cards used included the Expansion Deck. Since my voice had faded by then, it was well that there were few questions. Rob Mull, who had learned the game at one of the demonstrations that afternoon and despite losing 34 points when he was eliminated in the second hand, rallied to add 33 points in the third and final hand to win with a total of 49 points. Other finalists were Kevin Brownwell (43), Tom Evinger (36), Tom Phillips (27), Chris Greenfield (25) and Mark Bayliss (17).

 GM      Craig Taylor  [1st Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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