Attika [Updated October 2004]  

2004 WBC Report  

  2005 Status: pending 2005 GM commitment

Jeff Mullet, OH

2004 Champion

2nd: Lucimara Martins MD

3rd: Dan Broh-Kahn, MD

4th: Cliff Ackman, PA

5th: Andy Lewis, DE

6th: George Sauer, OH

Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet     55

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 1. Jeff Mullet


 2. Lucimara Martins


 3. Dan Broh-Kahn


 4. Cliff Ackman


 5. Andy Lewis


 6. George Sauer



Victory By The Back Door ...

Attika made it's debut at this years WBC as a sponsored trial and won its spurs by qualifying for the 2005 Century. Many thanks to Jay Tummelson and Rio Grande games for sponsoring it.

Although I anticipated an attendence in the 70-80 range, I was satisfied with mid-50's. There were lots of strong new euros this year, so competition for gamers was steep. On the positive side though, my goal of having exactly 16 winners came to fruition, setting up a "perfect" 16 player semi-final and a four player final. Actually truth be told, there were 17 winners, but I won twice, so there were technically 16 unique winners. I mention this just so the whole truth is out there, not just to brag. (ahem).

I really wanted to keep within my two hour time-limit. Attika should be, at the most, a 90 minute game. So after spending 15 minutes assigning tables and getting set up, I gave everyone a strict 90 minute time limit to finish their games. Anything over that would be adjudicated. This would give everyone at least 10 minutes to get to the next tourney. Fortunately, every game finished in time and no adjudication was needed. However, without my poking and prodding several slower tables along, it may have been an issue. In fact, between the two heats, three tables finished with less than one minute left.

So having got to my 16 semi-finalists, we were theoretically all set. But of course three winners disappeared. I had posted at least ten alternates on the Attika kiosk, but only two showed. Since three-player is very different from four-player, I was a little disappointed. So after giving a couple of extra minutes in case my watch was off, we were ready to assign tables. Just then, I see George Sauer (who just happened to be the ninth alternate) walk by the door. He was drafted into the semis and we were once again at the magical 16. Let that be a lesson. Always check to see if you are an alternate, even if you didn't win. Many multi-player events are eventually won by alternates who did not win a qualifying preliminary.

The hard fought semis produced Luci Martins, Daniel Broh-Kahn, Cliff Ackman and myself as the four finalists. It was a very tough game. Of course everyone claimed they were in a terrible position and they had no chance of winning. Since Luci was the Liars Dice champ, she was the one we really had to watch out for when it came to bluffing about her position! Eventually, we were all in a position to win by connecting temples except for Cliff, and it was his turn. Since I was next, he had to stop me. And in stopping me, he set himself up to win on his next turn. Since I couldn't win, I blocked Daniel from winning on his turn. Now Daniel couldn't win on his turn, but Luci was still in a postion to draw and possibly win on her turn. No such luck as Daniel promptly blocked Luci. Of course Daniel and I pointed out to Luci that Cliff would win on his turn if she didn't block him. She did her job and now it was to Cliff. Cliff took his turn and now it was up to me. Since we had all blocked each other in turn, nobody noticed that I had a second possible way of connecting temples. Using my amphore and going in the patented "back door" route, I could hear a collective groan as they realized what I was doing.

And so I "pulled my first Coussis" and won my own event. Thanks to all who participated and I hope to see even more of you play at our new digs in Lancaster!

[Editor's Note: Jeff Mullet is hereby penalized six laurels for mis-use of the WBC lexicon. Everyone knows that to pull a Coussis you have to win both of the events you GM. You only managed a half-Coussis!]

 GM      Jeff Mullet  [1st Year]   21683 Ringgold So Rd, Circleville,OH 43113   NA

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