vanished planet [Updated October 2003]  

2003 WBC Report     

 2004 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

David Weinstein, NY

2003 Champion

2nd: Jed Shambeda, PA

3rd: Jonathan Gemmell, CT

4th: Su Hung, PA

5th: Brooks Beyma, MD

6th: Katherine Hitchings, DE

Event History
2003    David Weinstein     36

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 1. David Weinstein


 2. Jed Shambeda


 3. Jonathan Gemmell


 4. Su Hung


 5. Brooks Beyma


 6. Katherine Hitchings



co-operation is the key ... heads!

When Vanished Planet first arrived at the WBC in 2003, one question often heard was, "What is Vanished Planet?" More than 36 individuals decided to enter the tournament to answer that question.

The GMs of Vanished Planet were presented with an unusual difficulty. How do you choose a single winner for a game in which everyone at the board wins or loses? A point system was developed to determine how successfully each team defeated the Creature. Each team received one point for each Homeworld that remained at the end of the game, one point for each space between the Creature and the Homeworlds, one point for each upgrade owned by a player whose Homeworld was not consumed and one point for each Goal point above the necessary total. Then the team was asked to choose a Most Valuable Player to play again in the event of a tie.

One challenge that faced many of the space captains when they sat down at the table, was the fact that Vanished Planet is entirely cooperative. In fact, several players found their planets in jeopardy when they attempted to win without the help of their teammates. Even the closest of teams discovered that one planet might have to sacrifice itself for the good of all.

One example of this selfless act was made by Angela Collinson when, after contributing one point toward the goal of 15, she found herself unable to fly her ships out of her own sextant. This left her without access to Goals, so she spent the remainder of her resources building technologies her companions needed.

Even so, the good of the galaxy eventually came to rest upon a terrible choice, to save her own Homeworld and stave off the Creature for one more day, or sacrifice her planet in the hope that her fellow teammates might use her last gift to ultimately Translocate the Creature back to its home dimension. Angela's contributions and sacrifice won her the title of that team's MVP. The GMs at Vanished Planet ran four heats. Two tables managed to match scores of 10 points, leaving their MVPs Jed Shambeda and David Weinstein to battle it out in a final contest.

Both Jed and David stayed late into Sunday pursuing the winner's title for their teams. Each of them sat through a one-player game, using the same Homeworld, the exact same decks of Event and Goal cards and they again tied scores. Ultimately, the winner's title came down to a coin toss which David won.

 GM      Samuel Blanchard  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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