stock car championship racing [Updated March 2001]

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Devin Flawd, PA

2001 Champion

2nd: Daniel Hoffman, NC

3rd: Steve May, MD

4th: Adam Gugliemi, PA

5th: Dan Dolan, NJ

6th: David Bohnenberger, PA
Event History
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1999    Rebekah Garton     37
2000    Tim Dolan     68
2001    Devin Flawd     60

AREA Ratings

GM: Michael Garton

One Top-Six GM Nomination

More Varoom ...

The sound of horsepower and the smell of fuel and rubber was thick this year for SCC at WBC 2001! Sixty racers competed in 13 races during the four preliminary heats to make up the final 12 that ultimately drove in the Sunday morning finals. While there was no separate junior event this year, a young driver, Devin Flawd, took the checkered flag in the 250 lap Final. It should be noted that Devin had a near flawless performance throughout both qualifying and in the finals as he won both of his qualifying races before out-distancing the other competitors in the final. His performance reminds one of another young but magnificent driver, Jeff Gordon, who continues to tear up the track in the real NASCAR circuit.

Heat races were composed of eight or nine drivers in a 200 lap race on the one-mile oval. The one-mile oval was used because it offered the best chance for a racer to advance from worst to first during the course of a race, something that is often difficult on the Super Speedway. For the heats, the basic rules with single file racing was the order of the day. No pit-stops (except under the yellow flag and unless someone had damage to repair) were used. There were several cases of drivers falling way back during the race only to make up huge gains during the heat to finish either first or second. Included in that category were John Weber in the first heat who spun out early in the race and then clawed his way back to third place; Carol Caler who in the second heat went from eighth to first and took the race, ultimately leading the last 50 laps; and Devin Flawd, who in the finals fell from first back to sixth with but 70 laps to go, roared ahead in the final 24 laps to take the lead and hold on for the victory.

The final, of course, took place on the 60 foot oval, and in a fitting tribute to the fallen NASCAR great of this year, Dale Earnhart, Devin Flawd was driving the number 3 car. Makes you wonder whether or not he had a little help from above, or at least a guardian angel whispering racing tips into his ear.

Of particular note in the heat races was Dan McGowan's pulling off an incredible two consecutive challenges by blind flipping two 990 speed ratings to defeat his intended passer in Heat 4, and the good nature and great sportsmanship of Jim Bell who was one of only a small handful of participants to race in all four heats. Jim was plagued by bad luck throughout his races but laughed them off and was very congratulatory to the winner of each of the races in which he competed. We hope to see him back next year. Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see you next year when the pedal goes down to the metal. Keep your RPMs up but your engine cool until then!

 GM     Michael Garton [3rd year]  NA
   NA  NA 

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