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2003 WBC Report  

 2004 Status: pending 2004 GM commitment

Larry Lingle, PA

2003 Champion

2nd: Buddy Sinigaglio, CO

3rd: Craig Moffit, NJ

4th: Phil Rennert, MD

5th: John Pack, CO

6th: Sean McCulloch, OH

Event History
2002    Buddy Sinigaglio     61
2003    Larry Lingle     59

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AREA Ratings

Rank Name


 1. Larry Lingle


 2. Buddy Sinigaglio


 3. Craig Moffitt


 4. Phil Rennert


 5. John Pack


 6. Evan Cogwin


 7. Sean McCulloch


 8. Bob Heinzmann


 9. Dan Dolan Jr


10. Ken Whitesell



Past Winners

Buddy Sinigaglio - CO

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Swiss Format. Three heats were played during this phase. Participants could play one game per day, however, additional wins after the first did not confer any special benefit other than that of additional experience. A total of 48 games were played with the Naboo winning 56%. Results were as follows:

Tue Heat: Darth Maul, 7 wins - Naboo, 10 wins.
Wed Heat: Darth Maul, 6 wins - Naboo, 12 wins.
Thur Heat: Darth Maul, 8 wins - Naboo, 5 wins.

Notable events during the Swiss included Buddy Sinigaglio, defending champion, barely qualifying by winning his last preliminary round game. Also, an extremely rare event occurred twice within ten minutes when Maul and the only remaining Jedi died on the same card, with one attacking and killing the other while being simultaneously riposted to death.

Single Elimination. A total of 28 games were played with the Naboo winning 61%. The elimination rounds were played successively every two hours with no breaks or byes. Adjudication was necessary six times, however, most games finished well before the two-hour time limit. The cause of adjudication in most cases was players taking an inordinate amount of time to pick six cards out of a hand of ten. When an odd number of participants advanced to a following round, an eliminator was pressed into service to preclude a bye.

During the 1st elimination round, 28 participants squared off for battle. Darth Maul won six of the 14 games. During succeeding rounds, Darth Maul tallied only five wins, while the Naboo won seven times.

The final tally for the 76 games played was Darth Maul, 32 wins - Naboo, 44 wins. The first place finisher, Larry Lingle, was 4-0 with the Naboo and 1-0 with Darth Maul during the single elimination rounds.

Larry Lingle was unstoppable. Some of the other experienced players called him Lucky Larry. Larry defeated Mike Tyler, John Pack, Craig Moffitt and Buddy Sinigaglio for the plaque. Tyler and Sinigaglio were AREA rated in the top three coming into doncon. Lingle also defeated veteran gamer Ken Whitesell - Ken claimed he was sharked into the match against a supposedly "over the hill" former wargamer who was only participating for the experience.

Jon Macomber, then AREA rated at number 1, choked out in the first round. It was Jon's first doncon and he found things different east of the gaming fish bowl in Denver. His mile high cohort, Mike Tyler, then AREA rated at number 3, also cracked under the strain of competition.

In a quarter-final game between Buddy Sinigaglio (Maul) vs. Sean McCulloch (Naboo), Maul one hit from death, triple blocked an Obi-Wan attack of three hits. Maul then finished off the demoralized Obi-Wan on his next card. On the following hand, Buddy started with a "Darth Maul's Rage" card which allowed the Sith Lord to wipe out six palace guards and end the game.

Semi-final Game: Craig Moffitt (Maul) vs. Larry Lingle (Naboo).
Horrible shooting by both players forced this game to the time limit and adjudication was necessary. The three judges were unanimous in awarding victory to Lingle based on the superior position of his Naboo forces. Larry held the throne room with a half dozen palace guards and Obiwan, while Craig had no droids at all on the second or third floors. Both players were asked to reveal the strategy that they would use to win the game, if it was not to be adjudicated. Larry stated that he would play Anakin cards to reach the control ship while killing all of Craig's droids that were stupid enough to follow orders to attack the throne room. Craig said that, given a choice, he would rather be in Larry's position, but that he could still win this game with the droids, because Larry's idiotic moves would probably squander the advantage that the Naboo possessed.

Semi-final Game: Buddy Sinigaglio (Maul) vs. Phil Rennert (Naboo).
Maul killed both Jedi at lightning speed. On one attack Maul scored a rare six hits against Qui-Gon. After the Jedi were summarily dispatched, Maul at almost full strength, came out of the generator core looking for more blood. On the first hand, Maul ripped through 12 palace guards on the bottom floor. Phil conceded at this point.

Championship Game: Larry Lingle (Naboo) vs. Buddy Sinigaglio (Maul).
The early game saw Larry rolling excellent dice. Often hitting with every roll. Larr'ys Queens and Palace Guards sliced battle droids into slag at high speed. Buddy reacted by generating wave upon wave of new droids, bringing them into the palace in a seeming unending stream. While Larry was killing droids at high speed, his Jedi were hacking Darth Maul to pieces. Maul was quickly dispatched with a series of four and five hit combinations. Obi-Wan then advanced to the second floor of the palace, killing all droids attempting to bypass him to reach the unprotected palace guards on the third floor. As the game progressed, Buddy's game of attrition with the expendable droids began to take its toll. Lingle's palace guard count was becoming dangerously low and he altered his strategy to attempt an Anakin blitz. There were two starfighter cards in position, one on each of the first two spots. Larry played four Anakin cards, rolled perfectly six consecutive times, and unexpectedly advanced to within one spot of victory. Buddy, knowing that the tide was turning quickly, did not fret because he had three starfighter cards to play on the next turn to keep Anakin from shutting everything down. Larry then revealed the first of his three bonus cards. Another Anakin card. Again, Larry again was flawless with his seventh consecutive Anakin dice roll and advanced to the final circle, shutting down all Buddy's droids, thus ending the game in shocking fashion.

 GM      Buddy Sinigaglio  [2nd Year]   3450 South Washington, Apt 303, Englewood, CO 80010
    sinigaglio@hotmail.com   NA

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