mystery of the abbey [Updated October 2003]  

2003 WBC Report     

 2004 Status: pending 2004 GM commitment

David Wenstrup, SC

2003 Champion

2nd: Eyal Mozes, NY

3rd: Ted Drozd, IL

4th: Brian Schott, MD

5th: Alex Henning, CT

6th: Gary Noe, FL

Event History
2003    David Wenstrup     98

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 1. David Wenstrup


 2. Eyal Mozes


 3. Ted Drozd


 4. Brian Schott


 5. Alex Henning


 6.  Gary Noe



a better whodunit ...

The beginner's variant authorizing negative revelations in Chapter Hall was used throughout all preliminary heats and the semi-final to accomodate the debut of this new release. The much larger than anticipated number of participants and high ratio of first time players made this desirable, as it allowed for greater scoring opportunity for all involved. The final was played under the official six-player variant rule to accommodate as many semi-finalists as possible, though next year's format should include a formally planned semi-final.

Father Eyal, Sister Alex, Brother Brian, Reverend David, Novice Gary and Friar Tod convened in the Chapel in the wee hours to celebrate the first Mass, with Father Eyal firmly in control of the Abbey's bell.

Sister Alex quickly went to confess Father Eyal in the courtyard's confessional. Novice Gary, hot on the trail, promptly questioned him on his dealings with Templar novices, in a divinely prescient focus on this monastic order! Brother Brian followed the lead, resulting in more scrutiny for these mysterious Templars.

Reverend David visited the parlor just as Sister Alex ran into a seemingly endless procession of mute monks: Turn after turn, robed men would bring their finger to their lips the minute the poor Sister stepped in their room!

Father Eyal, attracted by the forbidden texts of the secret library, and equipped with the key, stumbled onto some lucky find giving him a free revelation. His wild guess "the murderer was unhooded" would cast a long shadow of suspicion on bald men. Others started rummaging through the scriptorium, prompting Friar Tod's innovative enquiry "What books did you borrow from the Scriptorium?"

Shortly after the second mass, thanks to an event that cast the Templars under further suspicion, a flurry of revelations were made: "He's a Templar, and he's thin" muttered Father Eyal. "He's a Brother, too" piped in Reverend David, while Friar Tod started pointing at all bearded monks.

Pushed by destiny (or perhaps God's hand?), Reverend David walked to the Crypt, seemingly oblivious to Father Eyal's mounting accusations (that would amazingly all turn out to be correct, giving him a seemingly uncatchable 6-point lead at this point). A couple of turns later, carried by the fervor of the relics he'd taken from the Crypt, Reverend David ran into Chapter Hall yelling Brother Malachi's name and edging out Father Eyal on the tie-break!

Final score: David Wenstrup 6 (and tie-break for correct accusation)
Eyal Moses 6 (three correct accusations)
Tod Drozd 2

 GM      Eric Hautemont  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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