monty's gamble: market garden [Updated October 2003]  

2003 WBC Report   

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Walter Garman, MD

2003 Champion

2nd: Andrew Cummins, UK

3rd: Chris Roginsky, PA

4th: Joel Tamburo, IL

5th: Ken Dunn, MD

6th: -

Event History
2003    Walter Garman     11

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 1. Walter Garman


 2. Andrew Cummins


 3. Chris Roginsky


 4. Joel Tamburo


 5. Ken Dunn



Impulse movement in the low countries ...

The Monty's Gamble: Market-Garden (MGM) trial event drew 11 entrants, with Assistant GM Perry Cocke playing as an eliminator. Players had just received their copies of the newly published game, so the GM-designer was kept busy running between tables, answering questions as they arose.

After two rounds of single elimination, which saw one winner having to withdraw because of lack of sleep (!), the finals came down to a match between two veteran Breakout: Normandy players, Andrew Cummins and Walt Garman. Cummins took command of the Allies, and Garman the Germans.

The September 17th turn saw 1st Airborne suffer heavy losses on their initial drop, but they captured Arnhem regardless. The armor of XXX Corps started off poorly, losing a +6 assault on their second attack. The Allies surrendered the Advantage and, incredibly, the re-roll was the largest disparity the game can produce, an Allied "12" to a German "2". The German defense in front of Eindhoven was obliterated, and the Allies soon thereafter captured Eindhoven and earned a bonus VP.

On September 18th XXX Corps crossed the Maas River ahead of schedule, and pressed on, clearing the approaches to Nijmegen. Weak German attacks on "Hell's Highway" were easily repulsed. Sensing the game was slipping away, Garman decided to launch an early assault on Arnhem with forces to the east, and won the +3 assault by 7 on the dice. The Allied defenders in Arnhem were mauled, but held on.

The weather went overcast on the 19th. The Germans struck first, crushed Arnhem, and on the overrun sent forces south to Nijmegen. These arrived just in time to force the Allies to fight hard for the city. The Allies began a steady bombardment, softening the defenses, and then launched several assaults. The city finally fell, but valuable time was lost. Crucially, when the weather momentarily cleared, the Allies declined to land the Polish airborne brigade, a move that would have blocked German attempts to further reinforce the ground north of Nijmegen.

The fourth and final turn saw the Allies with nine Victory Points, needing ten to win. They could either attack north out of Nijmegen, or attack east to capture the German border town of Wyler. Allied artillery was in position to attack north, but the German defense there was exceptionally strong. The Allies chose to attack Wyler. Clear weather saw Allied air power hammer the village, while German artillery pounded units of XXX Corps east of Nijmegen waiting to attack. Only two units of XXX Corps managed to put in an attack, and the burden of capturing Wyler largely fell to the American 82nd Airborne. The 82nd put in attacks at +4, +5 and +6, and the German defense was close to cracking. On the seventh impulse of the turn, the Allied roll ended the turn. Since this would end the game, Andrew flipped the Advantage and demanded a re-roll. The dice were re-rolled, but the turn ended yet again, leaving the Allies with 8 VP, and Walt Garman's Germans victorious.

 GM      Michael Rinella  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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