liar's dice [Updated October 2003]  

2003 WBC Report     

 2004 Status: pending 2004 GM commitment

Josh Githens, SC

2003 Champion

2nd: Fabio Tola, MD

3rd: Gordon Rodgers, PA

4th: Bill Place, PA

5th: Abigail Cocke, MD

6th: Peter Stein, MD

Event History
2003    Josh Githens     140

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 1. Josh Githens


 2. Fabio Tola


 3. Gordon Rodgers


 4. Bill Place


 5. Abigail Cocke


 6. Peter Stein




Liar's Dice was a great success in it's debut at the WBC. 140 crazed liars came to the event with hopes of becoming the ultimate champion. The festivities started off with the new tradition of a simultaneous140-cups shake and smash to the tables.

From the first 140 players, 24 (including the happy GM) made it to a semi-final round. Alas, this was it for your GM as he was defeated by Fabio Tola in that semi-final.

The finals consisted of Fabio, Josh Githens, Peter Stein, Bill Place, Abigail Cocke, and Gordon Rodgers. Fabio started the bidding and the intensity of the finalists faces changed to bluff mode.

In the first round the bid went up to 15 5's by Abigail. There were actually only 12 and she lost three dice. The next bid was six stars by Peter. There were only three so he lost three dice. Again Peter bid six stars and there were only three. Thus Peter lost his remaining two dice on a challenge from Bill and became the first player eliminated. For him we sing the now famous "Kiss Him Goodbye" song.

The next few rounds consisted of exactor bids in which the whole table lost dice. Gordon bid eight 3's and then five stars for two exactors. Then Josh bid six 4's and six 3's for two more exactors. Because of the challenge rules, Abigail did not lose her last die from these exactors. After all of the exactor fun, the situation was as follows: Fabio one die, Josh three dice, Bill one die, Abigail one die, and Gordon three dice. Three people were on the verge of being eliminated with their next loss.

On the next bid Abigail bid three stars when there were actually 0. She was thus eliminated by Gordon. Next Josh came up with some more of his magic exactors and bid four 3's. Bill was eliminated by calling him and getting it wrong, while Gordon dropped to two dice. After another exactor by Josh at three 5's, Both Gordon and Fabio ended up at one die, while Josh still held three. Next Gordon bid two stars when there was only one, and became the fourth casualty.

The finals thus came down to a contest between Fabio with one die and Josh with three Fabio started the bidding with a star (even though he had a 2 under his cup). Josh called Fabio on the star (since he had none under his cup). Thus Fabio settled for second, while Josh Githens became the first WBC Liar's Dice champion.

Some more notes on Josh's dominant performance during the event: In round 1 Josh lost no dice. In the semi-finals, he lost two dice, both to exactors. In the finals Josh also lost only two dice, again to exactors. Thus Josh never lost a die on a challenge throughout the tournament. What does this show all of year you better bid higher and reroll some dice so you aren't the victim of another exactor!

Your GM would like to thank all of the 140 participants who made the game's WBC debut a success. Lastly and most importantly...your GM would like to thank Endless Games for providing copies of the game as prizes for the finalists as well as the junior's event. The extra help from the game manufacturer was much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing everyone next year for another exciting Friday nightcap of Liar's Dice!

15 little liars ... er players, participated in the Juniors version with Megan McCorry being the best liar ... I mean player, and taking home the wood. More importantly, everyone had a great time shaking the dice cups and making noise. They really were excited to get a copy of the game to take home as a souvenir. Many thanks to Endless Games for providing the prizes and Jason Levine for hustling around to get them and teach the kids how to play.

 GM      Jason Levine  [1st Year]   NA
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