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2003 WBC Report  

 2004 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Jamie Tang, MD

2003 Champion

2nd: Chris Bodkin, NY

3rd: Alan Arvold, IL

4th: -

5th: -

6th: -

Event History
2002    Steve Okonski     20
2003    Jamie Tang       6

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 1. Steve Okonski


 2. Neil Zuckerman


 3. Rob Kilroy


 4. Larry Lingle



Past Winners

Steve Okonski - MD

sometimes Virginia, even sugar daddies aren't enough ...

Texas has taken over the world, news at 11

Only Six people showed up to play Illuminati, casting its future as a WBC event in doubt. [Unless a Sponsor steps forward, it's history!] Those that played, however, had a good time in attempting to take over the world with their secret conspiracies.

Early on we were amused by the Girlie Magazines fending off five attacks before being taken over by the Bavarian Feminists. The Discordians gained the ire of everyone by taking the IRS on the first turn and inflicting their bizarre tax policies on the other players. The Network was plagued by bad die rolls and never got a good conspiracy going. The Bermuda Triangle backed up by the Pentagon was the first conspiracy to take a clear lead. The SubGenius attacked the Pentagon with the Mafia's Robot Sea Monsters but failed. The Discordian IRS made a successful attack on the Pentagon, but the Bermuda Triangle was able to take it back on the next turn.

The Bavarians are the first to take a shot at the win, making a privileged attack on the Mafia in an attempt to take an entire branch of the Subgenius power structure. Unfortunately for them the SubGenius had a Swiss Bank Account which provides enough money to foil the attack. The Gnomes of Zurich go for the same strategy and attack the Mafia with Texas and their annoying Chain Letters. This time the attack is successful giving the Gnomes the victory with 10 groups.

Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games were given to all participants.

 GM      Karl Musser  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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