hammer of the scots [Updated October 2003]    

2003 WBC Report   

 2004 Status: pending 2004 GM commitment

Phil Barcafer, PA

2003 Champion

2nd: Rick Young, NC

3rd: George Seary, NY

4th: Tom Drueding, FL

5th: Tim Hall, UT

6th: Barry Smith, NY

Event History
2003    Phil Barcafer     55

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Rank Name


 1. Phil Barcafer


 2. Rick Young


 3. George Seary


 4. Tom Drueding


 5. Tim Hall


 6. Barry Smith



Bruce, Braveheart and the blocks ...

Jerry Taylor's innovative, award winning, design about the Scottish Wars of Independence had a spectacular debut at the WBC. The turnout was the highest ever for a block game. Fifty-five players showed up for six rounds of single elimination play, including such sharks as Marvin "Caesar" Birnbaum and Tom Drueding, among others.

After four rounds of play, the semi-finals consisted of George Seary versus Phil Barcafer and Tom Dueding against Rick "Prezcon Champion" Young. Searey's English attacked aggressively, and Edward was almost always in Scotland, Barcafer, with control of the north, barely managed to hold onto an 8-6 lead, as the game was called one turn before completion due to time. At the other table, Young took the English north and rolled over the Scots, leading to an early surrender. This set up a final of Barcafer and Young.

The final may have been the shortest game of the entire event. Barcafer drew the English. The turn 1 levy was fair, consisting of the Lancaster Archers, Durham Knights, and Lancaster and Westmore Infantry.

Barcafer played a 3 card, bringing the first three units up to Lothian, to join the Cumbria Infantry, while Young played a 2 card and sent Wallace north to bring Angus into the Scottish side, and Moray and Fraser to Buchan to have a talk with him. Angus decided that a kilt would look good on him and quickly succumbed, then headed into Fife to act as a buffer. Buchan ran to the protection of Mar while Moray headed back to join Grant in Strathspey. The second card from Barcafer was another 3 card, met by Young's Truce. Unable to attack, Barcafer used the turn to bring the four units from Lothian to Mentieth and Stewart and Lennox north to Atholl. The third card was a 2 from Barcafer and the Sea Move from Young. Braving the North Sea waters, Moray and Fraser joined Wallace and company in Angus. Barcafer moved the six units now in Menieth to Fife and Stewart and Lennox over to Mar.

The fourth card was another 2 from Barcafer and a 1 from Young. Barcafer moved six units from Fife into Angus to attack, and brought Lennox and Stewart into Angus as reinforcements, while sending Buchan back home to cut off Wallace's retreat. Young, for his part, moved Bruce north to occupy Lennox's home. In the first round of combat, Wallace missed, while the English hit, reducing the Scot units to 2 each. In the second round, having been reinforced, the English inflicted even more damage, and in the third round, eliminated all the Scot units. With their leader dead, the utterly demoralized Scots surrendered to Edward Longshanks. It was over before the end of the first turn.

In Young's own words, "I didn't even get the license of the truck that hit me."

 GM      William Alderman  [1st Year]   1609 Syracuse Lane, Schaumburg, IL 60193-3314
   Bill@TeamWidget.com   847-895-0436

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