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2003 WBC Report  

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David Metzger, NY

2003 Champion

2nd: David Rohde, MI

3rd: Michael Ussery, MD

4th: Jeff Cornett, FL

5th: -

6th: -

Event History
2003    David Metzger      8

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 1. David Metzger


 2. David Rohde


 3. Michael Ussery


 4. Jeff Cornett



Skirmish in Greece ...

This was the debut of Hellas at WBC. Hellas is one of the latest two-player Kosmos games published by Rio Grande Games. Seven people entered the single elimination tournament. forcing me to provide the eighth plater for an all too brief event. Not one of them had prior play experience. All had attended my teaching session prior to the event.

Hellas is a combination tile placement and card game. The cards are the basic game engine. If you have played before, getting the right combination of attack and defense cards are necessary for victory. Playing with seven newcomers yielded some strange games. Newcomers, especially those of the wargaming persuasion, think that conquest is the path to victory. However, after one plays awhile one sees the advantages of exploration over war.

The championship game is a case in point. The two Dave's set up basically in a three versus three setup. Both reinforced often and attacked as frequently as possible. This usually results in a very long game as you take one tile and then I take one back in my turn. So the net gain is always zero. No one gets any closer to victory by this helmet bashing. Eventually, David Metzger realized that one had to get the right cards to sway the battles and finally won the game and the wood - his fourth of the week.

Jeff Cornett won the other semi-final game but due to other tourney commitments dropped out, so the other semifinal game of Dave Metzger and David Rohde became the defacto championship game.

GM Vincent Frattali (at right) demonstrates Hellas at the cafe Jay demo for the new event. David Metzger (center) proved the quickest learner as he won the event to claim his second grand slam (4 championships) in a row.
 GM      Vincent Frattali  [1st Year]   NA
   francisj@dc4pc.net   NA

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