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2003 WBC Report  

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Jeff Mullet, OH

2003 Champion

2nd: Chris Bauch, LA

3rd: Peter Putnam, PA

4th: Bruce Bernard, PA

5th: Charlie Hickok, PA

6th: Jeff King, ME

Event History
2003    Jeff Mullet     16

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 1. Jeff Mullet


 2. Chris Bauch


 3. Peter Putnam


 4. Bruce Bernard


 5. Charlie Hickok


 6. Jeff King




With the event's GM having to depart WBC early due to a death in the family, I GMd the final game (as it was conveniently next to my semi-final event Sunday morning). When my semi-final was finished, I became a reporter on the crucial final phases of the EAW championship game.

Peter Putnam chose to make Lycia his capital, getting nation deck F. He managed to recruit three Merchants, an Engineer and a Military Leader in the early phase of the game. Jeff Mullet chose Achaea as his capital, getting deck A. He recruited one Merchant and a Military Leader. Bruce Bernard picked Syria as his capital, getting deck E and recruiting a Diplomat, an Engineer and a Military Leader. Chris Bauch picked Baetica as his capital, getting deck C and recruiting one Merchant, a Diplomat and an Engineer. Both Engineer-strong players acquired Siege Towers. After turn 2, Mullet (Achaea) had the lead with 42 points, including the largest empire and trade bloc. Bernard (Syria) had the most costly set of recruits. After turn 3, Mullet still had the lead, but it was shrinking--largely due to Bauch's (Baetican) diplomat and Putnam's (Lycian) merchants.

The fourth and final turn began with revolts in each player's territory and no player controlling more than one zone of the Mediterranean Sea. Syria quickly changed that by diplomatic acquisition of the Central Med Sea (later doubling up control to deter the Baetican diplomat). Achaea unleashed a Heavy Cavalry army to rout armies of Lycia and Baetica in North Africa. Baetica chose to fortify against the coming onslaught. The Lycian extended his trade tenacles. The Achaean assault against Lycian Macedonia was foiled by skirmishers in ambush. The Syrian diplomat lost his tongue in the middle portion of the turn. Baetica reversed its loss in Africa with a Diplomat, only to lose it back to the Achaean army. The rout allowed the Achaeans to extend their own trade empire into what now appeared to be areas safe from foreign armies. With the handwriting on the wall, Baetica began to fish for better mercenaries. Lycia picked on neutral opponents. The unstoppable Achaean army (relying on HC, Pikes, Spears) routed Baetican armies in Narbo and Gallia. Baetica's diplomatic counter failed in Africa, as did Syrian attempts at the Achaean capital.

Despite facing three opponents who used their Diplomats and Merchants almost exclusively against him in the final turn, Mullet marched to victory with his army-based strategy. In the end, Putnam's trade empire was only slightly larger. Bernard's diplomatically-acquired territorial holdings (including much of the sea) were nearly the same as Mullet's. Final Score:

Mullet: 130
Bauch: 106
Putnam: 101
Bernard: 79

Substitute GM, Stuart Tucker

 GM      Peter Stein  [1st Year]   199-30 28th Ave, Flushing, NY 11358
    AttackPeter@aol.com   NA

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