bohnanza [Updated October 2003]  

2003 WBC Report   

 2004 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Daniel Karp, MD

2003 Champion

2nd: Lisa Gutermuth, TX

3rd: Brad Jones, FL

4th: Craig Reese, FL

5th: Mark Geary, OH

6th: Steve Quade, MD

Event History
2003    Daniel Karp     36

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Rank Name


 1. Daniel Karp


 2. Lisa Gutermuth


 3. Brad Jones


 4. Craig Reece


 5. Mark Geary


 6. Steve Quade



beans ???? ...

Bohnanza is one of Rio Grande Games' multiplayer card games. This is a game where you trade beans, plant beans and harvest beans. This is a cute, easy game in which to be successful, one has to trade.

The WBC tourney for this trial offering was two heats with winners advancing to the finals. Thirty-six bean farmers entered the event and I dare say had a great time. The finals featured some frantic last minute trading that left Daniel Karp as the best bean farmer in the land with some well deserved wood. As the GM I can tell you that the final was a very close game with victory in doubt right up to the last play. I would hope that this fine card game makes a reappearance next year.

I would like to thank all the players who entered this tournament and made this a pleasure to run with nary a question or player disagreement in sight ... unlike the Amun-Re tourney I also ran.

One of the pleasures of the WBC is making new friends, Daniel Karp is one of them for me. Daniel is a nice young man who was not only pleasant to play but helped less experienced players by pointing out some moves they missed even though it could have hurt him in the game. I also got to play another Euro with Daniel in the open gaming area and found it an enjoyable experience as well. It's the mark of a true champion when you can leave the table with not only wood but the smiles and congratulations of your fellow players.

Dan Karp (top center) on his way to victory in the BZA Final.
 GM      Vincent Frattali  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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