risk 2210 AD [Updated October 2003]  

2003 WBC Report  

 2004 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Jeff King, ME

2003 Champion

2nd: Craig Melton, VA

3rd: Steve Shambeda, PA

4th: Jon Shambeda, PA

5th: Jonathan Macomber, CO

6th: -

Event History
2003    Jeff King     20

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 1. Jeff King


 2. Craig Melton


 3. Steve Shambeda


 4. Jon Shambeda


 5. Jonathan Macomber



Conquer the world -- and beyond!

The WBC is a fantastic fan event that took over the Avaloncon convention that ended when Avalon Hill folded. Now that Avalon Hill is coming back under the direction of Wizards of the Coast, Scott Larabee and I flew out from Wizards of the Coast to check out this popular event and to run our first event for Risk 2210 at this show.

Since the decision to participate was made very late and the WBC was kind enough to let us in, we did not expect a large turnout. However, we did end up with 20 players competing in four qualifying games before we cut to our fifth and final board.

Many of the players had never played Risk 2210 before, though everyone had played the classic Risk at one time or another. After walking each group through the first round of the game, everyone figured out the basic strategy and the wars were on!

Several of the early games ended up as blowouts with one or two players taking over and holding onto the moon. In many games this made the difference. At the end of the qualifying rounds five players (including a father and son combination) made it to the finals.

As this was Wizards of the Coast's first appearnce at the WBC we wanted to bring along some fun prizes, so each player who made it to the finals earned an etched, acrylic Risk 2210 game board and copy of the game, with the winner taking home a Risk 2210 Champion leather bomber jacket.

When the final game started, surprisingly Jonathan was allowed to control all of Australia and Jeffrey King controlled all of South America. Despite the combined efforts of the other players (and Jonathon Macomber's willingness to use lots of Nuclear Command cards), Jeffrey King was able to parley this strong start into a solid first place finish over Craig Melton who came in second. The first tie-breaker in the game (the amount of energy you have at the end of the game) was needed to separate Jonathon Schambeda from Jonathan Macomber in the final rankings.

Final Results:

1st Jeffrey King 44 points

2nd Craig Melton 22 points

3rd Steve Shambeda 12 points

4th Jonathan Shambeda 7 points (2 energy)

5th Jonathan Macomber 7 points (0 energy)

Congratulations to all of the finalists in this inaugural Risk 2210 WBC event!

 GM      Michael Gills  [1st Year]   NA
   Michael.Gills@wizards.com   NA

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