wizard's quest [Updated October 2002]

WZQ  Trial Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
    9  Round 2 13  Final


Bon Runnicles, FL

2002 Champion

2nd: Jennifer Duke, MD

3rd: Bill Lenoir, VA

4th: Paul Bolduc, FL

5th: Jonathan Tivel, VA

6th: Bill Duke, MD

Event History
1997    Gregory Crowe      22
1998    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      20
1999    Brooks Beyma     14
2000    Bill Navolis     13
2001    Brooks Beyma     14
2002    Bob Runnicles     19

AREA Ratings

GM: Paul Bolduc

Past Winners

Gregory Crowe - MD

Kevin Wojtaszczyk - NY

Brooks Beyma - MD
1999, 2001

Bill Navolis - PA

Harken oh heroes to the days of yore

This year's tourney grew to 19, the highest since 20 in its sophomore year in 1998. The increased attendance by families at this year's WBC is probably the major factor in the upsurge since at least two families, the Duke/Merica and Collinson groups swelled the ranks by five between them. Add in the perennial K & V Hitchings, and 37% of the
players had a family member in the tourney. None played another in the intial round, but the final...

We again offered ,"Orcbait" and "Dragonfood" certificates to the players in each game most beset by the orcs and dragon respectively; some declined the honor. The "Blank Card" option was available to the players and the "Dummy Treasure" option was used in the first round to provided a tie-break to determine which two of the four runners-up would advance to the
finals. We introduced two innovations this year: "Orcbait" and "Dragonfood" plaques were awarded to the players most beset in a single game, and a consolation round was offered using the "Final Orc War" variant from THE GENERAL, Vol 19, #4, p 31 with the winner earning a "King's Orcslayer" plaque.

Some Tourney Stats:
Number of returning players from 2001: 5
Number of other repeat players: 2
Number of Ladies playing: 8, a record high
Number of rookies: 12
Initial Castle success rate since 1999: #1 & #4 (3), #3 & #5 (2), #6 & #7 (1), #2 & #8 (0)
NOTE: One report didn't list initial Castles.

Tourney Report:
All too early on Thursday morning 19 orc-bashers assembled to vie for the Throne of Marnon. The Tourney Director, Lord Bolduc, organized three 5-player games and one 4-player game so that the the orc-bashing and treasure seeking could begin. The four winners and two runners-up would advance to the final round. "Orcbait" and "Dragonfood" certificates were offered to the players in each game most beset by the orcs and dragon respectively. An "Orcbait? and a "Dragonfood" plaque were awarded to the player most beset in the tourney.

On Board 1, Lord Bolduc defeated Ladies Merica, Goldstein and Verity Hitchings and Lord Gundersen as the first player of Turn 5. Lady Merica was both Dragonfood with ten losses and Orcbait with nine losses .

On Board 2, Lord Tivel defeated Ladies Katherine Hitchings, Rolinda Collinson, and Duke and Lord Lange as the last player of Turn 7. Lady R Collinson was Dragonfood with nine losses, and Lord Tivel was Orcbait with 13 casualties.

On Board 3, Lord Runnicles defeated King Beyma, and Lords Bell and Lenoir on Turn 8. Lord Runnicles was Dragonfood with nine losses and Lords Bell and Lenoir shared Orcbait with 15 losses each.

On Board 4, Lord Duke defeated Lord Saunders & Samuel, and Ladies Ashley Collinson, & Kirchner, on the 3rd player phase of Turn 6. Lady Kirchner was Orcbait with 13 losses and Lord Duke was Dragonfood in the low rent district with four losses.

Lord Lenoir qualified for the finals on the first tie break by having recovered two treasures and the blank, while Lady Duke qualified on the second tie break by having the largest kingdom.

The final saw Lord Runnicles defeat Lords Bolduc, Duke, Lenoir, and Tivel and the Lady Duke on Turn 8. Lord Duke was eliminated in Turn 9 while the rest tried to earn high court positions. Lady Duke established her portfolio with a second place. Lord Lenoir his with a third. Lords Bolduc and Tivel agreed to 4th and 5th respectively rather than to doom more good men. Lord Duke, while obviously proud of his daughter's rise to power, was 6th.

Consolation Round:
Lady Merica (26 orcs slain), eked out a win against Lady Goldstein (25 orcs), and Lord Lange (23 orcs) as King's Orcslayer in the consolation game. The game ended with an orc free board (16 yet to be born).

So, King Runnicles got the WBC wood and the crown, Lady Mercia got both the DRAGONFOOD and KING'S ORCSLAYER plaques, and Lord Tivel was awarded the ORCBAIT plaque. But plans are afoot to constitutionally unseat King Runnicles late in July 2003.... Be there. Marnon needs you.

 GM      Paul R. Bolduc [4th year]   203 Devon Court, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547-3110
    prbolduc@aol.com   NA
Beyma, Brooks

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