wrasslin' [Updated October 2002]

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  Salon B

Dan Dolan Jr, NJ

2002 Champion

2nd: Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

3rd: Tim Dolan, NJ

4th: Charles Kibler, MD

5th: Brian Kirchner, KY

6th: Mike Bailey, VA

Event History
1991    Tara Greenwood       8
1992    Mike Fitzgerald      16
1993    Bruce Harper      25
1994    Megan Brophy      16
1995    John Saunders      16
1996    Don Greenwood      22
1997    Tim Dolan      26
1998    Dan Schulman      33
1999    Dan Dolan Jr     19
2000    Tim Dolan     18
2001    Lee Cohen     26
2002    Dan Dolan Jr     17

AREA Ratings

GM: Charles Kibler

Past Winners

Tara Greenwood - MD

1992: Mike Fitzgerald - CT
Bruce Harper - BC
John Saunders - NY

Megan Brophy - NY

Don Greenwood - MD

Tim Dolan - NJ
1997, 2000

Dan Schulman - MD

Dan Dolan Jr - NJ

Lee Cohen - NJ

New grappler downs Killer Kibler ...

The 2002 Wrasslin' Single Elimination Tournament featured a field of 51 ­ fifty-one Wrasslers that is, managed by 17 managers, all aspiring to become the 2002 Undefeated WBC Wrasslin' Champion! No matter that some of the fated 51 had a distinct resemblance to each other. Indeed, looking back on the matter, it appears as if there were six managers that had recruited a wrassler whose best friend was a slithering serpent, and a further half dozen fielding a flyer forenamed Phil. Another astounding factoid is that there appeared an abundance of Amazonian attendees to the affair, not to mention four wrasslin' mates yearning to be grandmasters. Three managers aimed to manage a mono-eyed monstrosity, and another three tried to best the field with a large Johnson or an emasculated Mike. Despite their popularity in previous tournaments of the same ilk, only two managers showed up with ever-rebounding Champs or walloping Whammers. Finally, despite her past popularity, no sullied sallies arrived to vie for the crown, nor could one find a jumbo Jimbo.

The first round of grappling, in which past champion Tim Dolan was awarded a "bye", narrowed the field of managers to just less than half. In the next round Dan Dolan Jr (winner in 1999) got a free pass to advance. Next, in the heated third round, Tim Dolan bested Mike Bailey, Brian Kirchner's grapplers succumbed to those fielded by Dan Dolan Jr, and Papa Dolan's foul trio outgrappled those of gamemaster Charles Kibler. Thus, the field of contestants was finally narrowed down to three ­ three Dolans, that is!

What's this?! Three Dolans enduring to contend for the gilded buckle? Could this be? Well, yes, actually it could! And, since the two "D" siblings had already received byes in earlier rounds (how sweet it is, at times, to be a past champion of the event), Daddy Dolan merited a free ticket into the final ­ thus setting up the semi final pitting his offspring against each other!

Forget brotherly love, forget honor! When the WBC Wrasslin' Championship buckle is at stake little else matters but ultimate victory! The two young managers fought a fearsome fight. When the dust had settled, the threesome managed by Tim (the Amazon, Tyler Heartthrob, and Manly Mike) had succumbed to those of "Junior" (another Amazonian beauty, another Tyler, and Big Ben) ­ thus setting up a championship match with dear ol' dad.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, what you've been waiting for: the Main Event!

In the final, Papa D's Flying Phil was soon forced into "early retirement" by Junior's Amazon, a lady blissfully blessed with many holds and reverses. Daddy Dan's Grandmaster then took up the call, and quickly beaned the scrappy lady with a foreign object, forcing her to briefly exit the ring. Her hair fixed and makeup reapplied, Dan Junior's hard fighting chick reentered the ring, reversed a backbreaker, and polished it off with a nasty elbow to the eye. Oh, those dirty women! Papa's Grandmaster was whupped!

Enter the Champ ­ but wait! He's initially confused, and can't seem to find a grip to grapple. Stunned by a foreign object, the Champ soon finds himself locked in a knee-twisting Boston Crab. His muscles surging, the first crab is cooked. But, lo! Another crab is applied ­ blocked again! More holds are held and locks closed. Bruised and bleeding, the Champ slips out of the ring, and attempts to impress the front-row spectators of his prowess. Soon, however, he's back within the ropes to face off with the upstart Amazon. In a flurry of punches and grapples, the two unlikely contenders continue the wild mêlée. The amazing Amazon lands a bevy of drop kicks. Reeling, the Champ finds himself locked up with a Boston Crab ­ again! The squeeze is on and on and on. Finally, the Champ throws in the towel. Dan Junior, winner of the 1999 WBC Wrasslin' title, has reclaimed the trophy!

Anybody care for some Boston Crab?

 GM      Charlie Kibler  [7th Year]   614 Lacewood Dr, Edgewood, MD 21040
    cjkibler@comcast.net   NA

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