win, place & show [Updated October 2002]

WPS   3 prizes Experienced Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
  Rnd1 Heat1 23  
  Rnd1 Heat2 17  Round 2 19  Final

  Rnd1 Heat1 Salon B  Rnd1 Heat2 Round 2 Belmont

Stuart Tucker, MD

2002 Champion

2nd: Bruce Reiff, OH

3rd: Jason Levine, NY

4th: Bruce Monnin, OH

5th: Anna Maria Palmero, NY

6th: Jim Bell, MD

Event History
1992    Bruce Reiff      14
1993    Stephen Kershaw     10
1994    Stuart Tucker      20
1995    Dennis Nicholson      29
1996    Bruce Reiff      17
1997    John Coussis      15
1998    Bruce Reiff      14
1999    Bruce Reiff     31
2000    Ken Gutermuth     26
2001    Ken Gutermuth     42
2002    Stuart Tucker     40

AREA Ratings

GM: Ken Gutermuth

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff - OH
1992, 1996, 1998-1999

Stephen Kershaw - NJ

Stuart Tucker - MD

Dennis Nicholson - NY

John Coussis - IL

Ken Gutermuth - TX

Race, Bet & Scheme

As the horses approached the starting gate for 2002, 40 individuals tested their luck to become the best on picking the ponies this year. The first heat on Tuesday evening saw 28 bettors walk up to the windows while 23 more, including 11 repeats, tested their luck in the Saturday heat. The nine preliminary games would each advance a winner to the Saturday Final.

In the first heat, two-time defending champion Ken Gutermuth, three-time champion Bruce Reiff, and previous winners Dennis Nicholson and Stuart Tucker tested their luck and gained entry into the final.

On Tuesday, Dave Ketchum, Chris Palermo, Joe Abrams, Debbie Garver, and Jeff Bakalchuck attempted to knock out the defending champ Ken Gutermuth. Dave and Joe's consistent winnings in the first two races, Ken's good payout in race 2 and Jeff's big win in race 3 kept four in contention after three races. The game remained close with Dave building a lead until the last race when Jeff was able to earn a big payoff, coupled with the $25K purse to pull away from the field

Gerald Lientz, Lee Presser, Luke Koleszar, Jim Bell, and Jonathon Lockwood took their shot at previous champion Dennis Nicholson. Jim mastered the field as he increased his money after every race to advance to the finals. Late race payouts for Lee were not enough to catch perennial finalist Bell.

Jim Garvey, Bruce Monnin, Jason Levine, and Rob Kircher attempted to take out Bruce "Mr. Wood" Reiff. Jason jumped out early with a huge payout in race 1. This was followed by large payouts to Reiff in race 2 and Jim in race 3 turning this into a three-man race. Reiff would not win another bet until the last race and Jim would lose in the subsequent races to allow Jason's good payout in race 6 to vault him into the finals.

Mathieu Yuill, John Emory Steve Cuccaro, and Kevin Hacker took on perennial finalist Chuck Ellsworth. Very few payouts highlighted this game and Chuck was able to ride his purse money winnings into the finals.

Jeff Finkeldey, Anna Marie Palermo, Dick Jarvinen, Frank Sinigaglio, and John Tighe finished the first heat trying to eliminate previous champ Stuart Tucker. Stuart built up a steady lead throughout the game, with a good payout in race 2 and decent payouts in the last two races to move onto the finals.

So after heat 1, only Stuart Tucker emerged from the previous champions list to advance to the finals with Jeff Bakalchuck, Jim Bell, Jason Levine, and Chuck Ellsworth.

With defending champion Ken not competing in the second heat due to a schedule conflict, a new champion would be crowned before the Slapshot tournament that night.

On Saturday, Bruce Monnin, Jonathon Lockwood, and Jim Garvey took another shot against John Wallace, Sean McCulloch, and Mike Zorrer. Bruce rode big wins in the 1st, 4th, and 6th races to an easy victory.

Dick Jarvinen, Mathieu Yuill, Debbie Garver, and Chris Palermo returned to face Bill Riggs and newcomer Pitt Crandlemeire. Pitt's early win in race 1 and bets on the Roach in race 5 lead him to victory making the GM wonder if he had taught him too many of the tricks of the game.

Joe Abrams and Anna Marie Palermo returned to test their skill against Devin Flawd, Dave Stecher, and Chris Greenfield. Anne Marie was able to build up a steady lead to overcome the field and advance to the finals.

In the last of the heat games, Bruce Reiff would attempt to advance against Chuck Ellsworth, Jeffrey Hacker, Jeff August, Ed Majeski, and Mark Kennel. Large payouts in race 2 and 3 and a win in the daily double vaulted Bruce into the lead. With a sizable lead, the veteran Reiff bought the Roach in race 5 and the Roach got lost on the outside the whole race. A huge win in race 6 lead to Bruce's advancement into the finals.

Seven of the nine qualifiers were able to participate in the finals. In the 1st race, Bruce Reiff, Jason Levine, and Bruce Monnin cashed in big as Gunsmoke emerged in a fast race to take an early lead. Spirited bidding on Indian Giver rose his price to $8,000 as the often bet 1-6 daily double was still in play. With Stuart Tucker winning the auction for Indian Giver, skepticism entered the betting by the perennial finalists, not knowing whether Stuart would run the Giver to win or saddle him up for a stroll around the outside of the track. Conservative Bruce R bet the favorite across the board and emerged the smartest as The Giver never had a chance. Jason claimed a foul on the horse's owner but the crafty veteran Tucker had covered his bases with the $1K bet on Indian Giver to win. Monnin's daily double win vaulted him into the lead after two races.

In the third race, a win by Dunce Cap brought more money into the coffers of Levine and Reiff who now passed Monnin. Tucker and Chuck Ellsworth were slightly ahead of their starting capital and Jim Bell and Anna Marie Palermo were slightly below the $50K starting money as they couldn't get anything going.

In race 4, Red Caboose lead the way and Palermo was the only winner with Bell being the only other player to receive any payout. This left Reiff with a $20K lead on Monnin and Levine and a $0-$50K lead on the rest of the field heading into the critical last two races.

In the critical 5th race, Bruce R was the odd man out in owning a horse. The perennial wild card in this race, the Cockroach, went for $6K to Jason. The race was too slow for the Roach to win but two bonus numbers and the inside lane allowed the Roach to come in 2nd to Lobster Tail. Jason's bets on the Roach across the board and Monnin's Place and Show bets on the Roach vaulted the two of them into the lead. Tucker began his run for the wood with bets across the board on his Lobster Tail, earning three payouts and the purse money.

This set the stage for a wild finish with Monnin and Levine in a virtual tie, Reiff $10K behind, and Tucker trying to make the late charge. After the auction, Stuart owned his favorite Mona Lisa, Anna Marie owned longshot Captain Ahab, Bruce M owned the other longshot Hannibal, Jim owned Jungle Monarch, Chuck owned Leyte Gulf, and Bruce R. owned Swami. The leader, Jason, would not be earning purse money and would hope to hold on through his bets as he was without a horse.

Two bonus numbers for Hannibal and one for Captain Ahab were not enough as Mona Lisa prevailed in a moderately paced race with Captain Ahab finishing 2nd, and Jungle Monarch 3rd. The purse money for the win put Stuart near the top with Monnin. and Levine and the game would come down to the final bets. Monnin and Levine had put all their money on Hannibal and were left with no return on the last race, opening up the field. Reiff hedged his bets with a win bet on Ahab and place & show on Mona Lisa but came up short of a 4th win in this event. Tucker rode his horse once again with bets across the board on Mona Lisa to triumph and become the third multiple winner in this event. Final Standings were Tucker $132.5K, Reiff $101.5K, Levine $92.5K, Monnin $87K, Palermo $77K, Bell $67.5K, and Ellsworth $60.5K to earn the distinction of one of the first finals where every player had positive earnings for the game.

 GM      Ken Gutermuth  [2nd Year]   NA 
    NA   NA

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