wrasslin' battle royal [Updated October 2002]

WBR   Trial Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
      13 Round 2 14 Final

  Maryland 1

Steve Dickson, CA

2002 Champion

2nd: Greg Wilson, NJ

3rd: Jordan Flawd, PA

4th: William Burch, MD

5th: Mike Stachowski, NY

6th: Devon Flawd, PA

Event History
1991    Don Greenwood       9
1992    Judy Kibler      19
1993    Ray Stakenas II      15
1994    Kaethe Kibler      12
1995    Robert Williamson      16
1996    Mike Stachowski      20
1997    Lane Hess      34
1998    Susan Ellsworth      36
1999    Doug Galullo     27
2000    Adam Gugliemini     13
2001    Bruce Monnin     21
2002    Steve Dickson     28

AREA Ratings

GM: Paul Weintraub

Past Winners

Don Greenwood - MD

Judy Kibler - MD

1993: Ray Stakenas II - MI
Kaethe Kibler - MD
Robert Williamson - VA

Mike Stachowski - NY

Lane Hess - PA

Susan Ellsworth - IL

Doug Galullo - FL

Adam Gugliemini - PA

Bruce Monnin - OH

Last One Out of the Ring is a Winner

Welcome back to the fourth annual WBC Wrasslin' Battle Royal. I'm Ming, and I'm Ying. Together we are The Twins! Looks like a larger crowd than last year Ying. Yea, 28 bruisers as opposed to the meager 21 wimps last year . Blue Jeans Weintraub is giving the last minute instructions to the wrasslers. Do you think they can understand his instructions? Do you? Sure! They'll be just fine. Huh, are you picking on me again? ME, Nooo. Oh, Ok.

Three rings have been constructed this year to hold this massive group. True Ying, with Ka-Pow, Cyclops, and The Umpire in the same room there is not enough space in one ring for all three. Looks like they're starting.

Grandmaster isn't so masterful is he? Nope, poor Blue Jeans always backs the wrong horse. Hey, look at the floor around ring number two. Awful lot of bodies down there. No more left to chuck over there, bye, bye. In ring number three the Umpire is being pitched out of the ring by his evil twin. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! The fighting is becoming fast and furious in this ring. Look, the Mastermind is using his great agility to pitch the Chump. That's champ. Sure, either way the CHAMP is camped out on his back by all four of our feet.

Looks like the preliminaries are over in all three rings. Yeah, sure does. Let's take a look at who's left for the title belt this year. Introducing... The Evil Umpire, Mastermind, Block Buster, Mr. Brutal - The Mad Hairdresser, Big Daddy Warbucks, Cyclops, Brent, "The Enforcer" Hurt, Ali "The Rabbit" Mohamed and Ka-Pow.

As our bruisers eye each other up the air gets thick. Kinda like your thinking? Ya know I'm getting kind of tired of the dumb jokes. Who's joking? Look! Ka-Pow takes a good shot at the Evil Umpire. The Evil one looks a bit shaky. The crowd doesn't approve, They are chanting for the demise of the Hairdresser. (Those Dolans don't get any respect). Looks like the boys see blood, one after the next keep beating on the Umpire. He's done, stick a fork in him. Speaking of forks, did you get any of the wonderful food they served this year? Yeah, Chef barf-r-de. The block buster is listening to the crowd, he has the Hairdresser by his comb. His COMB!? What, you can come up with something better? Try short hairs maybe. O.K. smarty. Ouch, they seem to be splitting hairs, Mr. Brutal has been brutalized. Two down and there are seven left, it looks like the group is going after the Mastermind. He isn't moving. After that beating would you? The new target of opportunity is the Rabbit. Hey another bi...

And now a word from our sponsor... DonCon

DonCon, Where you can have six-day's of fun for just a few Euros. Join Don and Company every year for the challenge to win wood. As a bonus for you winners, you get the bragging rights for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! Remember to tell all your friends and family to join us at DON CON XIII - The search for more wood. Don't forget to vote to get the BATTLE ROYAL back into the Century Events. As an added attraction, don't forget that the Battle Royal is the last chance to win wood every year. WE need your support or we will have to let one of the girl's go. That could be messy! Remember DonCon, where FUN is our first, middle and last name. Now back to the action.

Now the last four contenders square off. Looks like most of them have square heads as well. Good one, Ying! Thanks, Blockbuster chops Ka-Pow, staggering him. Cyclops moves right in and knee lifts him. Blockbuster finishes the deed. Ka-Pow is Ka-Plop. The Cyclops grabbed the Blockbuster from behind. Oh my heavens, that bald headed wizard just reversed the one-eyed bandit out of the ring. Look who is back, it's Mastermind. He just tossed The Buster with one hand. Now he ís just a dust buster. We have a NEW CHAMPION!!!

MR. Mastermind, you just won the 2002 Wrasslin' Battle Royal, where are you going next?

Um, it ain't Florida. I'm afraid of mice that are big enough to eat me!

Ah, Yeah, and you call me slow sis? Point taken!

Another great job sis. As always. See you all next year. I'm Ming, And I'm Ying. Signing off till next year. Thanks to all our spectators who help give that live in the ring feeling.

Quote from the champions: THE BALLROOM IS OURS, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED, AAAAHHHHHH..............

 GM      Paul Weintraub  [3rd Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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