victory in the pacific [Updated October 2002]

VIP  6 prizes Experienced Swiss Continuous 
   Round 2  14  Round 3  19
  Round 4  9  Round 5  14  Round 6  19   Final  

  Salon A

Dan Henry, IL

2001-2002 Champion

2nd: Ray Freeman, CA

3rd: Tim Tow, TX

4th: John Strand, CO

5th: Nike Ussery, MD

6th: Ed Menzel, CA

Event History
1991    Dave Targonski      36
1992    Wes Erni      39
1993    Alan Applebaum      36
1994    Dave Targonski      36
1995    Dan Henry      45
1996    Robert Kondracki      46
1997    Ed O'Connor      42
1998    Joe Dragan      48
1999    Alan Applebaum     48
2000    Andy Gardner     50
2001    Dan Henry     48
2002    Dan Henry     50

AREA Ratings

GM: Glenn Petroski

Best GM Award 1993

6 Top-Six GM Nominations

Past Winners

'91, '94: Dave Targonski - DC
1992: Wes Erni - WI

Alan Applebaum - MA
1993, 1999

Dan Henry - IL
1995, 200l

Robert Kondracki - PA

Ed O'Connor - NJ

Joe Dragan - MI

Andy Gardner - VA

Dice in the Pacific

By John Pack

Victory or Defeat in the Pacific? With 13 seconds left in the tournament, we still didn't know which it would be. Even the dice didn't know. Dan Henry missed his flight. So did I. Together with a large portion of the tournament field, we waited to know the final outcome. I talked and joked with friends while I waited - my 1-5 record allowing me to do so without worrying about how I'd finish.

Dan, however, was on the line - sweating, nerves frayed from a close, hard-fought, eight-turn game at the end of three grueling days of intense back-to-back games against the world's best cardboard admirals... With 13 seconds to go, his flag dropped. In their tight game, Ray Freeman would have the board all to himself for 13 seconds.

But it wasn't enough. Thirteen seconds later Ray's flag dropped too and the championship game was an automatic draw. It was enough to preserve the lead Dan held going into the final match and leave Ray clinging to second-place.

Dan Henry becomes the first ever to win back-to-back championships (with a total of three to his name) - winning with a 5-1-1 record! Dan's victory also shows that a player who prefers the Allies can perform well repeatedly - provided he exacts a high bid from his opponents!

Jim Eliason was in the lead after four rounds, but he lost his last two matches after sitting out one round to play in his team
event. His decision ensured that the ultimate winner would have at least one loss!

Surprising newcomers is a tradition in VIP tournaments. This year Tim Tow and John Strand joined WBC competition for the first time and both made it into the Top Six!

The use of the optional adjustments seems to have gained widespread acceptance - with few players electing blanket refusal of all adjustments. The CPO withdrawal adjustment, which prevents a USN disaster due to Turn 1 location uncertain rolls, was very popular.

My favorite moment came when, to thunderous applause, Mike Kaye was presented with the first Top Ten Invitational PBeM Plaque and the PBeM World Championship Trophy. With more than 75 players involved in email competition - including players from eight foreign nations from Asia to Africa and all but one of the AREA Top 20 - the email event is an
intense, two-year championship! Check for more information - a new tournament starts this September 15th!

 GM      Glenn Petroski [12th Year]   6829 23rd Ave., Kenosha, WI 53143-1233   (414) 656-5791

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