title bout [Updated October 2002]

TBT  Trial Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
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Derek Landel, NJ

2002 Champion

2nd: Ray Stakenas, MI

3rd: Chris Palermo, NY

4th: Terry Coleman, CA

5th: Jim Bell, MD

6th: Ken Gutermuth, TX

Event History
1993    David Walrath      16
1994    Terry Coleman      20
1995    Ken Gutermuth      26
1996    Ken Gutermuth      20
1997    Bruce Reiff      24
1998    Dennis Nicholson      32
1999    Jim Bell     16
2000    Bruno Passacantando     16
2001    Terry Coleman     12
2002    Derek Landel     14

AREA Ratings

GM: Dennis Nicholson

Past Winners

David Walrath - MA

Terry Coleman - CA
1994, 2001

Ken Gutermuth - MD

Bruce Reiff - OH

Dennis Nicholson - NY

Jim Bell - MD

Bruno Passacantando - CT

Kissing the Canvas to Victory ...

The event saw a slight 6% increase in participation from 2001's meager turnout.

As former champions, Bruno Passacantando and Terry Coleman, had byes in the first round. Sam Langford (Ken Gutermuth) crushed Peter Jackson (Greg Schmittgens) in the first round. Joe Frazier (Chris Palermo) and Mike Tyson (Dennis Nicholson) was the fight that people thought would end in the first round but actually went four when Frazier got a TKO with 14 seconds left. Jack Johnson (Ray Stakenas) toyed with Ezzard Charles (Arthur Davis) for five rounds before putting him away with 19 seconds left in the 6th. This would be a recurring theme for Johnson that would come back to haunt him. James Jefferies (Derek Landel) dominated Jack Dempsey (Debbie Garver), winning every round on the way to a unanimous decision. Tommy Burns (Ken Samuel) had the upset of the round when he crushed Rocky Marciano (Mike Destro) by winning a unanimous decision, losing only one round. The fight of the round though was between Sonny Liston (Jim Bell) and Gene Tunney (Wendy Demarco). Tunney went into the last round with a safe lead so Liston came out and knocked Tunney all over the ring. Both fighters waited for the judges decision. Judge 1 said 75-73 Tunney, judge 2 had it 75-75, and the referee had it 75-75! A majority draw! Since this is a single elimination tournament, both fighters went back to their corners for overtime. Liston kept his momentum and won the round 10-9 to advance.

After some great fights in the first round, the second was a bit of a disappointment. Joe Frazier took apart Sam Langford with a first round TKO with 26 seconds left in the round. Jack Johnson finished off Sonny Liston with a TKO in the 3rd, Liston looked tired after his overtime fight. James Jefferies took out Joe Jennette (Bruno Passacantando) with a TKO in the 6th. Max Schmelling (Terry Coleman) took out the upset kid, Tommy Burns, when Burns couldn't answer the bell for the 7th round.

The semi-finals saw two fights go the distance. In the first, Frazier took on Jefferies. Although Jefferies won the first four rounds, Frazier won the 5th decisively, but hurt his hand in the process. He was able to land punches in the rest of the fight but there was no weight behind them as Jefferies was able to win a unanimous decision. The second semi saw Johnson and Schmelling go at it for eight rounds. The first four were even with Johnson winning the next two. Going into the 7th Schmelling needed something big. He won the 7th outright and had the edge in the 8th. Would it be enough? The first judge saw it 77-76 Schmelling. The second judge saw it 78-75 Johnson. The referee saw it 77-76 Johnson! Johnson wins a split decision by one point.

The final had Johnson the big favorite over Jefferies, and the beginning of the fight showed why. Johnson picked up round after round giving a clinic in boxing. He stayed away from Jefferies and just picked away, scoring at will. Then in the 8th round, Johnson came out swinging. He wanted to finish off Jefferies and was doing just so. Then Johnson missed and was caught off balance. Jefferies took advantage and landed a shot right on the chin. Johnson was down and not moving. 8-9-10 and he was out! Jim Jefferies was the 2002 WBC Title Bout champion.

Congratulations to Derek Landel for winning the tournament. He had the 11th pick in the draft and was able to take out Dempsey, Frazier, and Johnson to win the event. Ray Stakanes took second but was seen leaving the arena shaking his head saying "why did I go for the knockout"?

 GM      Dennis Nicholson [2nd Year]  NA
    NA   NA

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