panzerblitz [Updated October 2002]

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Marty Musella, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: Bill Scott, VA

3rd: Chuck Leonard, PA

4th: Mark McBride, OH

5th: Alan Arvold, IL

6th: Thomas Shaw, MD

Event History
1991    Bart Rigg      12
1992    Johnny Hasay      10
1993    Tom Kearney      12
1994    Johnny Hasay      12
1995    Dave Giordano      10
1996    Eduardo De Nuccia      14
1997    Dave Giordano      20
1998    Chuck Leonard      16
1999    Dave Giordano     16
2000    Bill Scott     20
2001    Bill Scott     12
2002    Marty Musella     18

AREA Ratings

GM: Johnny Hasay

Past Winners

1991: Bart Rigg - KY
Tom Kearney - NC
Eduardo DeNucca - ARG

Johnny Hasay - PA
1992, 1994

Dave Giordano - NJ
1995, 1997, 1999

Chuck Leonard - PA

Bill Scott - VA

The first "hit" wargame

Fearful it would not meet the minimum number of players and face WBC extinction in 2003, Panzerblitz rebounded with a 50% gain in players - thanks to seven rookies. Additionally, two others attempted to register, but were unable
to compete due to scheduling conflicts. So, hope abounds that the sentimental tide is turning and an age old wargaming favorite will be around, at least for one more year!

This year's format called for certain shorter situations to be played, specifically, situations 1, 1A, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, and 19, tweaked with some minor changes. With single elimination setting the standard for play, losers who wished to continue to play were given "eliminator" status, and could then compete against winners and attempt to knock them from the table. This allowed the diehards to stay involved, keeping a steady pace of play, as games ended and players didn't wait endlessly for another match to end. While a few hard-liners did groan a little, the feedback indicated that this approach was appreciated, and will thus be continued next year.

Many of the Old Guard were on hand, as Steve Andriakos lost a tough opener to Bill Scott, the 2000 & 2001 champion, as did Kurt Kurtz, lose to Glenn McMaster, a Canadian rookie. Mark McBride, our "Rookie of the Year" last year, who had the determination & skill to beat out David Talmage and Kurtz, ended up losing to Alan Arvold. Chuck Leonard, who took the wood in '98, lost his opener to Marty Musella, a man of few mistakes. As an eliminator, Leonard took out Bruno Sinigaglio without incident, rookie Thomas T. Shaw, son of the Grandmaster of Avalon Hill, and in his course met with Johnny Hasay, the '92 & '94 champ, in Situation #2.

Old rivalries die painfully, and as the battle developed, it became apparent that Hasay's Russians were going to decisively clobber Leonard's Germans, until Bill Scott, being the good citizen that he is, pointed out to us that the Board 2 Russians should have started out on Board 3, as well as the Board #3 Russians starting on Board 2; well...Leonard cried foul in words too slanderous to print, and as any noble person would do to calm the savage beast, Hasay retired from the froth.

The finals tested Scott and Musella, both mutually agreeing to duel Situation 1A.. Coincidentally, Bill and Marty faced each other in last year's final, so this year's grudge match provided the motivation to take no prisoners. Sides were selected at random, Bill becoming the Russians, and Marty, the Germans. Setting up the Germans, two CPs in Bednost, the third in
Golod, his 120mm mortar on Hill 129, and the remaining troops, with rifles loaded in trucks and half-tracks, Marty intended an aggressive defense. Bill's cavalry entered on 1A3 and divided recons in the woods at 1R3 and 1G3. The rest arrived at 1Q10. The Russians advanced in the center but alas, no holes appeared in the German line. An early lead by Marty quickly
deteriorated when Bill maneuvered a rifle and T34 unit adjacent to Bednost on Turn 7. Both sides experienced bad die rolls, but Bill's miss was more pronounced. By Turn 8, Bill's missed "hat trick" forced his resignation which was quickly accepted by Marty.

As Chris Harris stopped by to say howdy, it was clear that old warriors were rejoicing and new friendships were emerging. Rumors abounded concerning Dave Giordano's whereabouts, and everyone wished each other well hopeful that 2003 would bring us all together once more.

 GM      Johnny Hasay  [1st Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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