pacific victory [Updated October 2002]

ALD   3 prizes Beginners Swiss Elim Continuous 
  21      Round 2 19  Round 3 23 Final


David Metzger, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: Kevin Garber, VA

3rd: Jim Mason, OK

4th: Peter Muenker, NJ

5th: Mark Van Roekel, VA

6th: -

Event History
2001    Tom Cannon     19
2002    David Metzger     11

AREA Ratings

GM: Tom Cannon

blocks in the pacific

This year 11 players participated in the event's second year at WBC. Scheduling found us opposite Victory in the Pacific, which is held Friday-Sunday each year. In 2003 we plan a Thursday event for Pacific Victory so players who love this theatre can see action in both games. Other changes to the event format will take place in response to player's feedback so be sure to check the new event page in the spring.

Statistics reveal that winning bids were always for the Allied side and ranged between three and 30 production points. In Swiss rounds two-thirds of the winning bids were between 11 and 16 PP's. The single elimination rounds saw players bidding higher. However, only four of the 13 games completed in the event resulted in an Allied victory and none of these were in the crucial single-elimination rounds. The bottom line is bidder beware.

After three preliminary rounds the top four players advanced with only one slot needing a tiebreaker to resolve. However, the rankings were thrown into a spin when Mark and "Tex" both opted for a dinner at the Outback rather than continue with the semi-final round. When the rankings finally settled the following players battled into the morning for a chance at first place - Kevin Garber, David Metzger, Peter Muenker and Jim Mason.

In semi-Final play, the shorter 1943 scenario was used to speed the evening along. The Japanese players held on to their perimeters in both games and setup the final match between Kevin who was undefeated in the tournament and David who had just learned the game at the convention.

The 1941 scenario was played with Kevin winning the bid and selecting the Allied side. Stubborn ground forces kept key production out of Japanese hands. Manila held until Jun 42 and Palembang didn't fall until Mar 43. In Sep 42 fleets clashed at Guadalcanal. (US losses=7CA and 1BB steps) (Japanese losses=1CV and 2NAV steps) The Japanese responded by adding forces to the area. However, an Allied marine invasion of Kwajalein supported by a carrier raid from New Caledonia was able to outflank this Japanese force and capture the island, which was lightly held. The game continued until Mar 44 when time ran out with the Japanese perimeter still intact. The Allies were not able to take advantage of the early fall of Kwajalein and David was awarded first place.

 GM      Tom Cannon [1st Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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