naval war [Updated October 2002]

NVW  2 prizes Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
   16   19  Round 2 12 Final  

    Maryland 3

Jim Fleckenstein, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: Luke Warren, DC

3rd: Tim Swartz, MD

4th: Sean Conroy, VA

5th: Steve Scott, CA

6th: Ben Knight, MD

Event History
1992    Kenneth Shunk      30
1993    James Endness      18
1994    Jim Fleckenstein      30
1995    Greg Mayer      49
1996    Michael Hart      24
1997    Lauren Hickok      47
1998    Dan Schulman      32
1999    Tim Miller     31
2000    Susan Ellsworth     19
2001    John Ellsworth     25
2002    Jim Fleckenstein     29

AREA Ratings

GM: Jim Fleckenstein

Past Winners

1992: Kenneth Shunk - ONT
1993: James Endress - OH

Jim Fleckenstein - VA

Greg Mayer - MO

Michael Hart - MD

Lauren Hickok - PA

Dan Schulman - MD

Tim Miller - GA

Susan Ellsworth - IL

John Ellsworth - IL

leader off the starboard bow ...

Naval War is an old "beer and pretzels" multiplayer game of deceptive simplicity. Five tables totaling 29 players competed for wood in 2002.

Table 1 ended up a battle to the finish between Luke Warren and John Coussis. They went into the final round two points apart. After the last salvo, Warren had won by a single point.

At Table 2, Steve Scott held a two-point lead over Randall McInnis after the second deck. Kevin Rohrer, down by nine, put on a strong effort in the third deck, "winning" the round with 32 points, but Scott sunk 30 points of ships to win the table and advance, 86 to 78.

Table 3 was Tim Schwarz' lake. Despite having his entire fleet sunk early on for a -10 point penalty, he easily won his table, going to the finals with 88 points, 48 ahead of second place Nick Evinger.

Table 4 saw the sea awash with oil as experienced players took turns playing "kill the leader." Not one player escaped at least one total fleet wipeout in the three rounds, and Tim Evinger saw his fleet erased three times. Ben Knight used a huge final round score of 64 points to win the table handily by 106 to 68 over runnerup James Bell.

Table 5 produced a seesaw battle between James Fleckenstein and Philip Shea. Shea, down four points after the first deck, made a surprise move in the second deck while the pack concentrated its fire on leader Fleckenstein. Shea came up three points short, and when the group's fire shifted his way, Fleckenstein scored 67 points to come from last to first. Sean Conroy bagged 49 points to take second at 97, advancing as the best runnerup. (Table 1's Coussis dropped out.)

The finals took five decks. Fleckenstein led the pack by one at 57 after the third deck and paid the price. Warren made his move in the fourth deck, but came up short at 68, with Knight just one behind. In the final deck, Knight's draw gave him two carriers and little firepower; he got annihilated for ­1 point net. Warren, as leader, got mined repeatedly, and netted 11 points to finish at 79. Fleckenstein again surged from last to first, sinking 29 points of ships to total 84, winning his second Naval War championship, the first repeat champion in this game's history.

 GM      John Ellsworth  [2nd Year]   1117 Kiersted St, Morris, IL 60450   NA

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