guerilla [Updated October 2002]

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Gordon Rodgers, PA

2002 Champion

2nd: Chaka Benson, PA

3rd: Peter Stein, NY

4th: Rich Shipley, MD

5th: John Kilbride, PA

6th: Forrest Speck, MD

Event History
1994    Kevin LeRow      40
1995    Peter Stein      36
1996    Caleb Cousins      30
1997    Gordon Rodgers      36
1998    Forrest Speck      30
1999    Rob Kilroy     28
2000    Steve Huskey     27
2001    Wade Fowble     15
2002    Gordon Rodgers     17

AREA Ratings

GM: Neal Schlaffer

6 Top-Six GM Nominations

Past Winners

Kevin LeRow - PA

Peter Stein - NY

Caleb Cousins, ME

Gordon Rodgers - PA
1997, 2002

Forrest Speck, MD

Rob Kilroy - PA

Steve Huskey - KS

Wade Fowble - MD

Viva la Revolution

This year saw only a slight player increase in participants. Seventeen "wanna-be" dictators battled it out for a third world Republica and the right to be called El Presidente for Life, no matter how short. It was an even split this year with the rebels and government each taking two games of the two-deck preliminary games. The top player from each of the four-player first round games advanced into a final four-player game. No VP spread in any of the four games was greater than 47 points.

The final round of four players was played with two each of the faction chits. The government ended by losing the war even though they led the game in 22 of 33 scoring opportunities. The average VP spread was a mere 6.5 points. Each player was high scorer for at least four turns. First deck action started with Peter Stein drawing first blood with a TV Station attack vs. Gordon Rodgers lone 1-strength rebel unit. Gordon returned the favor by attacking, capturing the TV Station, then using its special ability to score three additional VPs. This would be the last time GR held the lead until a series of high scoring opportunities late in the second deck allowed him to outscored the other players by 43 VPs.

First round play was not a place for small groups or single units to deploy. Many units, and even whole groups, died ugly "automatic" deaths to cries "Let 'em die!". It was only in strength did players try to deploy units, but even large groups were not immune as a number fell to ambushes. Rich Shipley spent most of the first deck trying to build his army. All the while scoring with small three to six point victories over his opponents. Installations were lost and recaptured numerous times. Rarely did any player maintain control for more than two turns. Chaka drew the first Revolution and exchanged chits with Peter. It did not help either of them other than the fact they knew each other's faction was government.

Second deck action remained ugly. Many small groups died and installations changed hands faster thana pig takes to mud. The true highlight of second deck play was when Chaka played a supply cut card on Rich. Rich's group tried desperately to break out, but failed each and every time. After several turns, Rich's group was one point away from surrendering when he drew a traitor card and played it on Chaka's supply cutting group. Chaka hoped his leader would die, but it was not to be. The group switched alliances, the supply cut card was discarded and Rich's group was reprieved.

Gordon drew the second Revolution card and decided not to exchange any chits. Hindsight would prove the merit of this action as the placement had already been decided. Late in the game the government faction led by 25 points, but hope rapidly faded as a flurry of rebel scoring opportunities presented themselves. Even with government control of most of the installations they could not erase the rebel lead and in the end the margin of the rebel victory was a paltry two victory points. Who says the TV Station is not worth its weight. Peter Stein was leading with 128 points, including 24 points worth of installations, but alas he backed the wrong side, got halved and managed a third place finish. Gordon was left in sole control of first place, his comrade in arms, Rich Shipley, 26 points behind.

 Position Player Victory Points Faction
1st Gordon Rodgers 96 Guerilla
2nd Rich Shipley 70 Guerilla
3rd Peter Stein 64 Government
4th Chaka Benson 36 Government
 GM      Neal Schlaffer  [9th Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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