elchfest [Updated October 2002]

ELC   Trial Single Elim Continuous 

  Salon EF

Bob Runnicles, FL

2002 Champion

2nd: Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

3rd: Jeff Paull, OH

4th: Roy Gibson, MD

5th: Kevin Youells, FL

6th: Nicholas Krmaer, PA

Event History
2001    Jeff Paull     27
2002    Bob Runnicles     46

AREA Ratings

GM: Andrew Maly

Past Winners

Jeff Paul - OH

grand strategy on a titanic scale ...

So many gamers, so few copies. Of course we're referring to Elchfest. The game everyone loves to play, but nobody has a copy. Well, just a few exist. And if you don't have a copy, maybe you can ask Dan Dolan to make you a jumbo set.

If you didn't have the pleasure, Dan created a jumbo set that he pulled out prior to the main event for play at the bottom of the escalators. It definitely drew a crowd and many willing participants. One wound up pulling a hamstring (hmmm.. I wonder who), so don't say playing Elchfest isn't dangerous.

For the uninitiated, Elchfest is the dexterity game of WBC, and a great evening ender in the same vein as Pro Golf and Slapshot. Some might argue stacking " counters in a hex based wargame is a dexterity event, but no. The goal of Elchfest is to cross your elk (or moose if you prefer) from your starting island to your opponent's island by flicking round disks that
represent the stones your animal can use to move. If you need more information, you're taking the game too seriously (direct quote from the manufacturer) and that's not the intent in this tournament.

The Elch were collocated with the Breakout: Normandy tournament. A natural and logical union if you ask me. Prior to the start of the event, we were able to thank James Doughan for sponsoring Elchfest, and he was given a set of Sugar Daddy shirts that he wore proudly. Or for another perspective, return to 11 PM Tuesday night as Dolan is administering another shellacking in the first round of his Breakout Normandy tournament, when his concentration is broken by the sudden guffaws of the moose crowd and its mating call summoning players into his room. "What idiot let them in"?, or words to that effect. Doughan is then presented with his sugar daddy shirt and realizes that he is the idiot that sponsored their event in the first place. And another chapter in WBC lore is born.

Even though attendance was up 70% and copy availability was down, the crowd was enthusiastic and patient for their turn at the stones. The ear piercing elk call was not needed, except to ceremonially start the tournament.

Players scattered to available surfaces to play. Countertops, tables with and without tablecloths, and different salons were all venues for games. Those who brought copies were most sporting in allowing them to be used after they had been sent packing.

After four rounds, we were reduced to three contestants. Defending champion Jeff Paull dropped at that point to let Dan Dolan and Bob Runnicles battle it out in a best 2 of 3. A tight fought match was had, but the expression of disbelief on Dan's face revealed that his ultimate goal, wood in Elchfest, had eluded him for another year. Dan was so distraught at losing he began to spread vicious rumors about the GM and assistant GM, but everyone realized its all part of playing Illum, er, Elchfest.

Congratulations are well deserved to Bob for winning, and thanks to all the contestants who participated with the greatest of patience. Pictures of the Elchfest event are available (for a while) at: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/anomaly99/elchfest.htm

No moose were hurt in the making of this event ... which is more than can be said for the participants.

Dan Dolan and one of his linebacker sons are seen at right engaging in a little manly Elchfest with proper sized components. Dan's quest to win the moose antlers failed again this year despite months of training with the over-sized meese.

So close and yet so far.

 GM      Andrew Maly  [1st Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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