enemy in sight [Updated Oct 2002]

EIS   3 prizes Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
    15   9  Round 2 12 Final

  Maryland 4

Michael Sincavage, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: Alan Arvold, IL

3rd: Nicholas Evinger, PA

4th: Joseph Burch, MD

5th: Michael Mitchell, GA

6th: James Pei, TX

Event History
1991    Winston Forrest      17
1992    John Kilbride      32
1993    Fred Gosnell      38
1994    Larry York      37
1995    Phil Thomas      49
1996    Fred Gosnell      36
1997    Tim Evinger      64
1998    Winston Forrest      59
1999    Gordon Rodgers     42
2000    Gordon Rodgers     42
2001    Thomas Wojke     55
2002    Michael Sincavage     42

AREA Ratings

GM: Neal Schlaffer

6 Top-Six GM Nominations

Past Winners

'91, '98: Winston Forrest - VA
1995: Phil Thomas - MD

John Kilbride - PA

Fred Gosnell - VA
1993, 1996

Larry York - CA

Tim Evinger - PA

Gordon Rodgers - PA

Thomas Wojke - PA

Deja Vu on the Open Waves

None of the seven finalists had any difficulty in attaining their places, but Mike Sincavage is the only returning finalist from last year. For the first time in the 12 years I've run this event none of the semi-final games required more than three decks to complete.

MS drew first blood in the Final placing fire insurance on JM. This paid off as JM was hit by two hull Fires and a Strike, which led to the explosion of the Bellephron. MM took the first prize when he captured JP's Brittannia with a ­1 drm and a die roll of 6. In consecutive turns JB sinks both the Bienfaison and the Phoebe. JP steals the Argonauta from NE and on his very next turn sinks the Brittannia in MM's port with a Fireship. MM then places the British Breaks the line (BTL) on JP, and uses a Boarding Party to steal the Argonauta back for a prize. NE wrecks the top gallants on the Franklin and with a +3 DRM steal it for a prize as the first deck is drawing to a close. MS ends the first hand with a successful boarding of the Bahama.

Second deck action began with two Strike cards and one ship running aground. AA seizes an opportunity to take the stuck Vengence. A Fire starts on the Royal Sovereign and JB adds insult to injury as he adds three damage to the hull. Not being asleep at the wheel, NE sinks the Royal Sovereign and tips his hat to JB for the kind assist. JP dismasts the Fougueux, but his Boarding Party attempt fails. JM is luckier and steals the Fougueux with a dr of 3 +2 grape and on his very next turn runs it in for a 22 VP prize (the only points he will score this game). MS slaps NE with the US Breaks the line. JP's Boarding Party attempt fails versus the Victory and MS sinks the San Leandro. A Weathergauge clears the table and shuffles the ship deck. JP sinks the damaged Randolph with a 4-hit broadside + 1 grape. AA sinks the Shannon as the last action for the deck and makes himself a target for the next round.

Third deck action has MS automatically stealing the Thunderer from MM with the play of a +4 drm and in his very next turn getting the prize back for 24 VPs. One turn later he dismasts and steals the Santissima Trinidada. After AA has his Shannon Strike, JP uses a Boarding Party to steal it away. MS plays his second Refuse Battle to get the Santissima Trinidada for another 30 points. The remaining players fight it out amongst themselves, seeing first place drifting away. MS then successfully hides behind a series of three more Refuse Battles to stay out of harms way. Once out from behind the Refuse Battles MS scores another prize with the capture of the San Leandro. The game will end with this ship at sea, but it will be enough to lead MS to victory. The pigeons in Trafalgar Square are taking aim at his statute as we speak.

Final Round Scores
 Place Name 1st hand 2nd hand 3rd hand
 1st Michael Sincavage (MS) 39 18 (57) 55 (102)
 2nd Alan Arvold (AA) 44 20 (64) 19 (83)
 3rd Nicholas Evinger (NE) 29 25 (54) 28 (82)
 4th Joseph Burch (JB) 19 19 (38) 27 (65)
 5th Michael Mitchell (MM) 44 10 (54) 10 (64)
 6th James Pei (JP) 27  8 (35) 26 (61)
 7th Jim Marousek (JM) 00 22 (22) 0 (22)

( ) cumulative score.

 GM      Neal Schlaffer  [12th Year]   NA 
    NA   NA

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