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DIP  6 prizes Experienced Swiss Scheduled 
   Rnd1 Heat1 18-24  
   Rnd1 Heat2  9-17    Rnd1 Heat3  8-16


Andy Marshall, MD

2002 Champion

2nd: Melissa Nicholson, MA

3rd: Mike Czajhowski, NJ

4th: David Hood, NC

5th: Mike Hall, BC

6th: Doug Faust, MD

Event History
1991    Bruce Reiff       56
1992    Tom Kobrin       65
1993    Stephen Koehler       71
1994    Will Wible       57
1995    Sylvain LaRose       73
1996    Will Wible       50
1997    Steve Cooley       46
1998    David Hood       65
1999    Tom Pasko      55
2000    Simon Bouton     141
2001    Nick Benedict       44
2002    Andy Marshall      49

Diplomacy Ratings

GM: Jim Yerkey

1 Top-Six GM Nomination

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff - OH

Tom Kobrin - NC

Stephen Koehler - NC

Will Wible - VA
1994, 1996

1995: Sylvain LaRose - QUE
1997: Steve Cooley, CA

David Hood - NC

Tom Pasko - CT

Simon Bouton - UK

Nick Benedict - ONT

in anticipation of the pre-con ...

An excellent weekend at the WBC Diplomacy Tournament as fifty Diplomats negotiated, schemed and back stabbed their way to glory or retirement on the final weekend of WBC 2002. The competitors were a combination of our WBC regulars, including some of the best in the world, and some excellent new players. In addition to the 16 boards played in three rounds, there were a couple of pickup gunboat games played Saturday night. Of special interest was the documentary filming done by Ray Setzer during the second round. Ray will be editing the film and preparing it for showing at World DipCon in Denver next February.

The number of boards in the rounds were six, five and five respectively, and total attendance was up by five over last year. Competition was very tough; as there were no outright wins, one game ending in a five-way draw and another ending in a six-way.

 This years GOLDEN BLADE AWARD went to Andy Marshall for his "double" stab of Austria on his way to part of a two-way draw in the third round. He stabbed for two centers in 1903, talked himself back into the good graces of the Austrian player, worked with him for four years and then stabbed him again, taking him out in 1907. This was key to his overall victory.

 The HAMMERED AWARD went to Ken Mathias as a salute to his gutsiness and dedication to the game. Ken drove all the way from South Carolina to play in just the Friday and Saturday rounds and, through no fault of his own, was eliminated in both.

Best Country Awards:

Best Austria: Ric Manns - 16 centers in a 2 way draw for 38 points.
Best England: Doug Faust - 13 centers in a 2 way draw for 35 points.
Best France: Evan Maier - 14 centers in a 2 way draw for 36 points
Best Germany: Andy Bartalone - 13 centers in a 2 way draw for 35 points.
Best Italy: Rick Desper - 9 centers in a 3 way draw for 19 points.
Best Russia: David Hood - 14 centers in a 3 way draw for 24 points.
Best Turkey: Andy Marshall - 16 centers in a 2 way draw for 38 points.

This years WBC DIPLOMACY CHAMPION is Andy Marshall. Andy, who has improved his game substantially over the last several years, scored 19 points with a nine-center Russia in a 3-way draw in the first round, and 38 points as the Best Turkey in the final round for a total of 57 points.

The rest of the top board were: Melissa Nicholson with 52 points, Michael Czajhowski with 50 points, David Hood with 47 points, Mike Hall with 46 points, Doug Faust and Ric Manns with 44 points each.

As one of WBC's pre-cons next year, we are looking forward to a bigger event in 2003 when many closet diplomats are expected to join us without foregoing the other WBC events that conflicted with our usual Friday to Sunday slot. Next year look for us in the preceding Saturday to Monday before WBC proper begins.

The WBC 2002 Best Country Awards went to:


Ric Mann

Doug Faust

Evan Maier

Andy Bartalone

Rick Desper

David Hood

Andy Marshall















 GM      Jim Yerkey  [11th Year]   4 Dutton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21228
    jimdozz@aol.com   (NA)

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