decathlon [Updated October 2002]

DEC  2 prizes Single Elim Scheduled 
    23  Final

   Salon EF

Jeff August, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: Verity Hitchings, DE

3rd: Vince Collura, PA

4th: Rob Kircher, MA

5th: Richard Curtin, NY

6th: Devin Flawd, PA

Event History
1995    Bobby Laboon      39
1996    John Weber      39
1997    Steve Cameron      55
1998    Joe Fuest      42
1999    Vincent Collura     43
2000    Devin Flawd     50
2001    John Coussis     39
2002    Jeff August     40

AREA Ratings

GM: Bruce Monnin

Past Winners

Bobby Laboon - IN

John Weber - MD

Steve Cameron - PA

Joe Fuest - NY

Vincent Collura - PA

Devin Flawd - PA

John Coussis - IL

On your mark, get set ...

Unfortunately, GM Keith Hunsinger was unable to attend due to family health problems, but still managed to stay in contact through email and to participate by having Mark Yoshikawa roll his dice. This turned out to be a bad decision, as his Rafer Johnson was injured early in the first day and finished near the bottom of the standings.

As substitute GM, I tried to repeat last year's "Coussis Effect and grab the title for myself, but Vasily Kuznetsov was injured in the Discus (bad back ?!?!) and finished a promising start with a disappointing 11th place.

In the end, it was Jeff August managing C.K. Yang to the victory with a total of 8510 points, thanks in large part to fantastic throws in the Discus and Javelin. Verity Hitchings managed to keep Vasily Kuznetsov injury free en route to 8440 points for 2nd place. Vince Collura's C.K. Yang finished five points behind Verity for 3rd place and in keeping with the close finish theme, Rob Kircher's Rafer Johnson finished in 4th place, five points back.

Other notables included Brooks Beyma with the best finish with Bob Mathais (8360 points), Gary Presser finishing best with the perennial favorite Your Name Here (8340 points), Jeff Bakalchuck doing best with Jim Thorpe (8325 points for 7th place). Surprisingly, no high finishes were recorded for either Milt Campbell or Bill Toomey.

 GM      Bruce Monnin  [1st Year]   NA
    NA    (NA)

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