Blackbeard [Updated October 2002]

BKB   2 prizes Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
  14  Round 2 17  Final   

 Maryland 4

Rob Kilroy, PA

2002 Champion

2nd: Linda Pattison, MD

3rd: Mike Wojke, PA

4th: George Talbot, PA

5th: John Kilbride, PA

6th: Gordon Rodgers, PA

Event History
1991    Greg Harper      19
1992    Gordon Rodgers      36
1993    Chaka Benson      37
1994    John Kilbride      40
1995    John Kilbride      61
1996    John Kilbride      43
1997    Mike Wojke      40
1998    Gary Presser      34
1999    Tom Kazmierczak     61
2000    Mathew Bacho     28
2001     Michael Wojke     20
2002     Rob Kilroy     18

AREA Ratings

GM: John Kilbride

Past Winners

1991: Greg Harper - KY
1993: Chaka Benson - PA
2000: Mathew Bacho - MD

Gordon Rodgers - PA

John Kilbride - PA

Michael Wojke - PA
1997, 2001

Gary Presser - NY

Tom Kazmierczak - IL

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Robert Kilroy is the 2002 Blackbeard champion, outscoring Linda Pattison, George Talbot and Mike Wojke in a game that saw four Pirates forced into early retirement by Crew Unrest. Since no one had any Net Worth at the time, the retirees were tied for the lead.

The finalists advanced from a three-hour first round of six three-player games, where any pirate death meant continuing the game as two player. We used the maniacal but effective format of having the six winners duel down to four for the final. Appropriately, the two substitute GMs and authors of this story were the people "cut".

Whereas most first-round games saw players accumulate thousands of Net Worth on their way to diabolical renown, the final became a more realistic simulation of the pirate's life, where long periods of inactivity were interrupted by unsuccesssful and often deadly attempts to eke out a living. For instance, Wojke, the two-time champ who had never lost in this event, successfully attacked two Merchant ships, but neither had any money, only dangerous Notoriety for his Cruelty. Since each player had active KCs, there were no hiding places.

Newcomer Talbot lost both his pirates to early retirement, but the game continued with him taking KC actions, which may or may not have been the right way to proceed. The fact that no one had any Net Worth confused the matter. After discovering the pseudo-mistake, all four players agreed the best way to conclude would be to give everyone a third pirate.

As the hour grew late, Talbot's thoughts turned to his pending drive back to Philly, and the potential ignominy of making a ninety minute trip, advancing to the championship game, only to have all three pirates retire penniless, drunken bums with no real story to tell. If his desperation move worked, he would catapult into the lead, and if it didn't, well, he could go home. He
raided Havana, twice, but the second time, he didn' come back.

Kilroy advanced in the first round past perennial heavyweights DeWayne Curry and Michael Coombs. Coombs had plenty of loot from a successful raid, but lost an appendage in the process. Kilroy knew the port where Coombs would go to see the "sawbones" and sell his booty, and he followed him, getting drunk and stabbing the other pirate before he could recover. In the head-to-head against Curry, Kilroy became the hunter, focusing on the KC and eventually cornering his opponent.

Talbot needed to get past 2000 champ Matthew Bacho, who had stashed 3,000 Net Worth in his Safe Haven. At the time limit, Talbot asked himself,"How can I kill this guy in five minutes?" He caught Bacho's pirate in port and in a long duel that saw both pirates exhaust their Cunning, Talbot advanced in true back-stabbing fashion.

Thanks to all who helped make Blackbeard a success, especially Asst. GMs Jeff and Linda Pattison, who we nominated for the Sportsmanship award. Don't be surprised to see them running next year's tournament. You know Philly will be there.

 GM      John Kilbride  [1st Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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