battle cry [Updated October 2002]

BCY  3 prizes Experienced Swiss Elim Continuous 
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Philip Shea, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: George Sauer, OH

3rd: John Koski, MD

4th: Ryan Duncan, MD

5th: Rich Ogata, VA

6th: Roy Gibson, MD

Event History
2001    Ilan Woll     56
2002    Philip Shea     52

AREA Ratings

GM: Andy Lewis

Past Winners

Ilan Woll - CT

Confederates by a whisker ...

54 players answered the call to arms in the second WBC Battle Cry tournament. This lead to 13 groups of four for the round robin after Jim Vroom and Ken Whitesell both agreed to drop to make the numbers work. A big thank you to those two for their kindness and generosity. This meant that the winner of each group and three at-large players would advance to the second round. The scenario for the round robin was a choice between the published First Bull Run and a new scenario from designer Richard Borg which had been available on the tournament website. Players were grouped based on their preference. Only one group was needed for First Bull Run.

Eight of the 13 groups were won by players winning all three games. This was substantially less than the 11 of 14 from the previous year. Bidding for sides was in the form of extra discards; a definitely less harsh penalty, but still only two of the games by the 16 players who advanced involved a bid and those were both in the First Bull Run scenario. The total records of the 14 players who played Glorietta and advanced to the second round were Confederates 25 wins and Union 15 wins with the average number of flags being 4.2 to 3.6 and the median flags being 5-4. This scenario is fought to only five flags. Pretty closely fought.

The second round was head-to-head single elimination Glorietta. The Confederates took this round relatively easily winning six of eight games. Only two were won by more than two flags so close games were commonplace.

Round 3 was Pea Ridge where you were competing against the other players on your side, not your opponent. We almost had a disaster in this round because one of the tables played the wrong scenario, First Bull Run, by accident. Fortunately, we had two wins on each side.

The semi-finals were Murfreesboro again with competition against the other player on your side, not your opponent. Ryan Duncan's Confederates faced Philip Shea's Union, while George Sauer's Confederates faced John Koski's Union. The Union won both battles so the players who advanced were decided by flags lost. Philip's Union had only lost three flags while John's had lost five so Philip advanced. This again showed the weakness of the competing against your own side format since John was eliminated although he hadn't lost a game all tournament. This format will be dropped from the tournament next year.

Ryan Duncan as the Confederates faced off against John Koski's Union for 3rd place in Glorietta. The Union won this match-up 5-2.

The finals matched George "Bud" Sauer against Philip Shea in a two-game match of Glorietta. Philip took the first game 5-3. This put Bud in a bad position and although things started out well in the second game for him, Bud just couldn't get that final flag and so in the end was beaten in both games. Philip Shea thus became the second Battle Cry champion.

I want to thank the players in this tournament for the last two years. It's been a fun one to run. I especially appreciate Jim Vroom and Ken Whitesell for allowing me to be able to play this year. Bud Sauer will be taking over next year as the GM of this tournament. The tournament will be in very capable hands and I hope to see you all again at it when I can solely concentrate on playing.

 GM      Andy Lewis  [2nd Year]  16 Gosling Dr, Lewes, DE 19958   NA

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