b-17 [Updated October 2002]

B-17  4 prizes Experienced Swiss Continuous 
    9 Round 2 12 Round 3 15    

  Salon A  

Paul Risner, TN

2002 Champion

2nd: Judy Krauss, PA

3rd: Eric Stranger, OH

4th: Ralph Gleaton, SC

5th: John Emery, SC

6th: Joshua Dunn, VA

Event History
1992    Frank Alexander      32
1993    Kevin Combs      35
1994    Kevin Combs      32
1995    Paul Risner      31
1996    Robert Hamel      32
1997    Paul Risner      34
1998    Paul Weintraub      32
1999    William Burch     32
2000    John Conlon     29
2001    Jim LeVay     32
2002    Paul Risner     32

AREA Ratings

GM: Dave Terry

[Best GM Award 1996, 2001]

6 Top-Six GM Nominations

Past Winners

1992: Frank Alexander - FL
'93-'94: Kevin Combs - GA

Paul Risner - TN
1995, 1997, 2002

Robert Hamel - CT

Paul Weintraub - MD

William Burch - MD

John Conlon - OK

Jimmy Levay - MA

Returning Veterans Honored... Bravery and Comradery Rule the Skies

The Mighty Eighth U.S. Army Air Force took to the skies over wartorn Europe for three more historical missions, to battle the Luftwaffe and attack key U-Boat installations in May 1943.

The missions for 2002 were against U-Boat Yards in Emden, Germany; Lorient, France; and Flensburg, Germany. Next year's historical missions will continue the anti U-Boat campaign. We are inching ever closer to the Regensburg/Schweinfurt raids of August 1943, which will involve new maps and shuttle missions to Russia.

As a new feature, returning veterans of the B-17 WBC tournament were honored with service medals for five and ten years of participation. Medals were provided by Assistant GM Mike Lam for the fourth year in a row.

Assistant GM Keith Hunsinger missed his first B-17 tournament because of more pressing concerns at home with his wife's health. However, Keith did manage to participate remotely, and was with us in spirit, as we were with him and his wife.

Eleven-year veteran Paul Risner, who is Keith's normal playing partner, filled in as an assistant, but spent more of his time shooting down and bombing the enemy. Paul won the tournament, and became the event's first three-time winner. The following lists the top four finishers in 2002 who received WBC prizes, followed by their score:

1 Paul Risner, 180
2 Judy Krauss, 164
3 Eric Stranger, 157
4 Ralph Gleaton, 150

Consolation prizes were awarded to Bruce Young (next to last place, score 47, awarded a B-17 book) and Hunsinger (last, 10 points, B-17 video). And for the first time, a middle-of-the-pack award was given to Alan Dickson (16th, score of 106, video).

Also, many medals were given out for mission performance, as follows:

Medal of Honor: (2) Kris Weinschenker and Matt Spitznagel, Mission 1.

Distinguished Flying Cross: (2) Kevin McCarthy, Mission 1; Alan Dickson, Mission 3 (Landing with a -7 modifier).

Silver Star: (1) John Brasell, Mission 1.

Air Medal: (4) William Bunch, 94% bomb run, Mission 1; Joshua Dunn, 93% bomb run, Mission 2; Mike Lam and Eric Stranger, top gunner award, seven enemy aircraft kills, navigator and top turret,

Bronze Star: (1) Kevin McCarthy, most evaders, five airmen escaped becoming POWs, Mission 2.

Legion of Merit: (1) Joshua Dunn, 51% average bomb run accuracy.

Purple Heart: (8) Alan Dickson, Mission 1; Kevin Coombs and Chris LeFevre, Mission 2; Mike Lam, Paul Weintraub, Joseph Burch, Kevin McCarthy, and Mark Yoshikawa, Mission 3.

Prisoner Of War: (1) Kris Weinschenker, most POWs, 12 total.

Special honorary mention: My appreciation to Circus Maximus GM John Jacoby who donated B-17 items he found at yard sales over the past year. One book, The Lady, went to Paul Weintraub for assistance in scorekeeping. One poster, of Howard Hughes' seaplane the Spruce Goose, was awarded to Mark Yoshikawa for having the most airmen rescued from swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Overall, it was another great year. I thank everyone for their participation - we had 14 rookies this year! Veterans from past years are encouraged to return in 2003 (there are service medals for five and ten year veterans). Also, we always welcome new players, and this year was a banner year for new participants. Please join in on the fun in 2003.

 GM      Dave Terry  [11th Year]  7308 Summer Cypress Ct, Elkridge, MD 21075
    david.terry@jhuapl.edu   NA

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