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Bruce Reiff, OH

2002 Champion

2nd: Arthur Field, SC

3rd: Debbie Bell, MD

4th: Luke Koleszar, VA

5th: Tom Browne, PA

6th: Davyd Field, SC

Event History
1993    Bruce Reiff       8
1994    Ken Gutermuth      32
1995    Bruce Reiff      28
1996    Bruce Monnin      32
1997    Ken Gutermuth      16
1998    Cliff Ackman      28
1999    George Sauer     26
2000    Kevin Wojtaszczyk     39
2001    Arthur Field     34
2002    Bruce Reiff     40

AREA Ratings

GM: Bruce Monnin

[Best GM Award 1998 WAS]

Two Top-Six GM Nominations

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff - OH
1993, 1995, 2002

Ken Gutermuth - TX
1994, 1997

Bruce Monnin - OH

Cliff Ackman - PA

George Sauer - OH

Kevin Wojtaszczyk - NY

Arthur Field - SC

Collecting by another name ...

The Auction followed the same format as previous years, with the exception that the experimental "Enforced Rainbow rule was made mandatory. Each player who received more than two cards of any set during the initial deal was required to discard the excess card(s) and draw new. This was put in place to avoid any games being decided almost as soon as they began due to an overly good initial draw. The rule worked out too well, as it forced the GM to break up a probable game winning hand in the
Mulligan round.

28 players participated in the Mulligan round. Debbie Bell, Paul Skrabut, Andy Gardner, Bruce Reiff, Arthur Field, Davyd Field and Thomas McCorry were all victorious at four-player boards. These winners earned automatic spots in the Wednesday semi-finals.

24 players showed up for the main tournament on Wednesday, including 12 new players to bring the total for the event to 40 unique entrants. Jason Bargender, Vassili Kyrkos, Luke Koleszar, Jim Reasoner and Thomas Browne won their four-player boards while Andy Gardner pulled off the double, notching wins in both opening rounds. That brought the total number of semifinalists up to 12, who advanced to the semifinals of three four-player boards.

Debbie Bell was the only player to win her semifinal by achieving the $7500 in cash and collections before the deck ran out. She built a set of Prints and amassed cash by constantly rolling 100% values on her sales. Luke Koleszar won a truly strange semifinal, amassing only $3700 with a set of Tapestries and cash, as defense was the name of this game. The last semifinal was another defensive battle, with Arthur Field eventually amassing $5970 with a set of Coins and cash, nipping Bruce Reiff with $5570 and Thomas McCorry with $5530. As the best runnerup in the semifinals, Bruce also advanced to the finals.

The initial card draw for the final saw no one draw true rainbows (cards from six different sets). Arthur started with two Jewelry, Luke with two Rare Miscellany, Debbie with two Jewelry and Bruce with a pair of Coins. Luke bought the first item, a Queen Anne. Arthur then bought a Print, and sold off a Coins and a Jewelry for 100% to restock his cash supplies. Another Print came up for sale, with the other players bidding Arthur up to paying $1000 for this $400 piece he needed to finish his set. The Jewelry Rich Collector then arrived, providing Debbie with $1800, Bruce with $1400 and Arthur with $600. Bruce then got a bargain on a Buyer's Card and an Antique Clock for only $720. Debbie followed by buying a set of books, but unfortunately only received 25% and 50% on the three items, hurting her cash position.

The next several items were all sold for high amounts, usually above the 100% value for the cards, with Debbie picking up a Tapestry, Luke a Sterling ,a Queen Anne and a Rare Miscellany and Bruce a Sterling. Bruce then took over the game, buying a Glassware, selling off his two Antique Clocks and a Sterling, then buying a Queen Anne and a Tapestry with a Warehouse Deal. Then he used his earlier acquired Buyer's card to purchase a Glassware and two Miniatures from the board. The next
item to come up was a Coins, which Bruce needed and bought to complete his Coins set to win the championship.

Bruce's final total was $8020 from natural sets of Glassware and Miniatures, a Coins set with a Buyer's Card and $1920 in cash. Arthur Field finished with $6640, nipping Debbie Bell's $6580 for second. Luke Koleszar finished 4th, forlornly hoping for a long game, as he ended with only $540 in cash, needing one more card to complete several sets.

Bruce passes on the GM reins to Kevin Wojtaszczyk as he moves on to the wild and wooly realm of Juniors GMing.

Mulligan Round - Game #1
1st Debbie Bell
2nd Kevin Wojtaszczyk
3rd Ken Whitesell
4th Ken Good

Mulligan Round - Game #2
1st Paul Skrabut
2nd Doug Galullo
3rd Nick Smith
4th Frank Arndt

Mulligan Round - Game #3
1st Andy Gardner
2nd George Sauer III
3rd Tom DeMarco
4th Tom Browne

Mulligan Round - Game #4
1st Davyd Field
2nd Jeff Cornett
3rd Ken Samuel
4th Bruce Monnin

Mulligan Round - Game #5
1st Bruce Reiff
2nd Jim Garvey
3rd Carrie Lewis
4th Jeff Mullet

Mulligan Round - Game #6
1st Arthur Field
2nd Jason Brown
3rd Jonathan Shambeda
4th Marsha Spiridigliozzi

Mulligan Round - Game #7
1st Thomas McCorry
2nd Vincent Collura
3rd Luke Koleszar
4th Steve Cuccaro

Preliminary Round - Game #1
1st Jason Bargender
2nd Laurie Wojtaszczyk
3rd Alan Bargender
4th Bruce Monnin

Preliminary Round - Game #2
1st Vassili Kyrkos
2nd Gerald Lientz
3rd Jeff Mullet
4th Steve Cuccaro

Preliminary Round - Game #3
1st Andy Gardner
2nd Jonathan Lockwood
3rd Ken Gutermuth
4th Ken Good

Preliminary Round - Game #4
1st Luke Koleszar
2nd Ken Samuel
3rd George Sauer III
4th Ewan McNay

Preliminary Round - Game #5
1st Jim Reasoner
2nd Thomas McCorry
3rd Debbie Garver
4th Carrie Lewis

Preliminary Round - Game #6
1st Thomas Browne
2nd Steve Koleszar
3rd Kevin Wojtaszczyk
4th Mike Stanley

Semifinal Game #1
1st Debbie Bell
2nd Tom Browne
3rd Jim Reasoner
4th Paul Skrabut

Semifinal Game #2
1st Luke Koleszar
2nd Davyd Field
3rd Andy Gardner
4th Vassili Kyrkos

Semifinal Game #3
1st Arthur Field
2nd Bruce Reiff
3rd Thomas McCorry
4th Jason Bargender

Championship Game
1st Bruce Reiff
2nd Arthur Field
3rd Debbie Bell
4th Luke Koleszar

 GM      Bruce Monnin  [4th Year]  177 S. Lincoln St., Minster, OH 45865-1240   (419) 628-3332

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