advanced civilization [Updated October 2002]

ACV  5 prizes Experienced Single Elim Scheduled 
    Round 2  9   Final


Doug Galullo, FL

2001-2002 Champion

2nd: Shantanu Saha, NY

3rd: Eric Gunderson, NJ

4th: Ann Cornett, FL

5th: Joe Gunderson, IN

6th: Jamie Tang, MD

Event History
1991    Alan Behrens    24
1992    Dan Vice    48
1993    Dan Vice    37
1994    Ken Rothstein    35
1995    Michael Neal    40
1996    Joe Gundersen    28
1997    Todd Vander Pluym     23
1998    Eric Gundersen    34
1999   Doug Galullo    38
2000   Eric Gundersen    27
2001   Doug Galullo    19
2002   Doug Galullo    20

AREA Ratings

GM: Kevin Youells

Past Winners

1991: Alan Behrens - NJ
1995: Michael Neal - RI

Dan Vice - VA
1992 - 1993

Ken Rothstein - NY

Joe Gundersen - IN

Todd Vander Pluym - CA

Eric Gundersen - NJ
1998, 2000

Doug Galullo - FL
1999, 2001

less is more ...

This year's Advanced Civilization event used a new format designed to shorten the event time for the first round. The second qualifying heat was eliminated and the preliminary round used a shortened variant where the game would be timed to seven hours or end when the first player reached the 1300 point space on the AST. As a result, we increased to 20 players, and all games were finished by 5pm.

There were three games played in the first round, two with seven players and one with six. Joe Gundersen won the six-player game while playing Assyria, defeating Jamie Tang's Babylon by a mere 20 points. The highlight was a trade embargo established against Joe which lasted a full trade round without anyone breaking it. Fortunately for him, it was not enough to prevent him from winning. James Gundy took third with Crete to advance also.

Defending champion Doug Galullo won his first round game as Thrace, defeating Ted Mulally's Africa by 35 points. This game also sent third place Ann Cornett (Iberia) and Shantanu Saha (Assyria) to the final. Ted was unable to play in the final, so top alternate Craig Moffitt took his position.

Our final seven-player game saw the largest winning margin of the tournament as Eric Gundersen's Iberia cruised to a 282 point win over Kevin Youells' Assyria. The system for choosing finalists favored the closer games, and as a result Eric was the only player from this game to compete in the final round.

The final was an epic struggle to the finish. With all eight positions in play, city sites were hard to come by and nobody was able to build their full nine cities until one turn from the finish. Crete and Thrace got into a long war over city building which hurt them both and most other countries averaged only seven cities per turn.
Illyria and Thrace were also ravaged by calamities. After dropping to one city near the end, James was heard to sum up his day with the quote of the tournament: "If I only have one city left at the end of the game, I only need two people to support it."
Babylon jumped out to an early lead, and despite spending all day trying to convince everyone else that he wasn't winning, Doug Galullo won by 181 points to become the first repeat ACV champion in nearly ten years. Babylon was followed by Africa, Egypt, Iberia, Crete, Illyria, Assyria and Thrace.

Congratulations to everyone who played, and until next year remember one thing: Doug is winning!!

 GM      Kevin Youells  [2nd Year]    227 Aladdin St NE, Palm Bay, FL 32907     NA

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