advanced third reich [Updated October 2002]

A3R   6 prizes Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
 SETUP 23   10
  Round 2 9   Round 2 9
  Round 2 9  


Jon Hogen, CA

2002 Champion

2nd: Boyd Piper, BC

3rd: Don Moody. MN

4th: Joe Brohpy, MN

5th: Keven Leith. VA

6th: Bruce Harper, BC

Event History * = Global War
1992    Joe Brophy       8
1993    Conrad Struckman      20
1994    Paul Ackerman      17
1995    James Sparks      41
1996    Bruce Harper*      17
1997    Rob Carl*      26
1998    David Middleton*      27
1999    Greg Wilson*     19
2000    Herbert Gratz     25
2002    Jon Hogen     17

AREA Ratings

GM: Mike Crowe

Past Winners

1992: Joe Brophy - NY
1993: Conrad Struckman - NH
1994: Paul Ackerman - MD
1995: James Sparks - MD

Bruce Harper, BC

Rob Carl, MD

David Middleton, MD

Gregory Wilson, NY
Herbert Gratz, Austria

not your average tournament ...

Fifteen people gathered this year to play four games of Global War, while three others played classic A3R. Two Global War games went the distance to 1945 this year, while one board only made it to 1943, and the fourth ended early. Three of the Global War matches used the playtest package, slated for publication within the year as A World at War, by GMT. The fourth match used the originally published rules.

Match 1. Bob Brophy and Dave Hanson (Axis) vs. Bruce Harper (Designer) and Boyd Piper (Allies). The Axis used a "peace plan" in both theaters, to slow American mobilization and keep the U.S. out of the war as long as possible. The Allied atomic project fizzled in 1941. In a close game, the Western Allies captured Berlin in Spring 1945 on a risky 1.5:1. On the same turn the U.S. carrier force eliminated the Japanese air force to clear the way for an invasion of Japan, forcing surrender in Summer 1945. The game was a narrow Allied victory.

Match 2. Jon Hogen and Mike Crowe (Axis) vs. Keven Leith, Jerry Smolens and Greg Bangs (Allies). Spain joined the Axis side in 1940, setting up a risky conquest of Gibraltar in 1942. Germany invaded Russia in Spring 1941. An attempted Axis invasion of a nearly defenseless Britain in 1943 was turned back at the last moment by the Royal Navy. Japan sunk two carriers at Pearl Harbor, captured New Caledonia, and fought off the U.S. Navy to gain Port Moresby. An aggressive German defense against the Western Allies insured German survival well into 1946. Three atomic bombs doomed Japan to defeat in Fall 1945. The game was an Axis victory.

Match 3. Joe Brophy and Vic Hogen (Axis) vs. Markus Kassbohrer and Don Moody (Allies). Germany invaded Russia in Summer 1941, taking Leningrad in Fall and surrounding Moscow. Japan sunk four battleships at Pearl. The Allies took the Gilberts and Rabaul in Summer 1942 and bombed Palembang with SAC. The U.S. did not enter the war in Europe until Winter 1942, with the Germans on the Volga. In Spring 1943 Germany went on the defensive. An Allied attempt to conquer Italy in Spring 1943 blew out. Japan turned back the Allied invasion of Manado in Spring 1943, sinking or damaging five CVLs, while losing one CV to subs. The game ended here, declared an overall Axis victory.

Match 4. Herb Gratz (Axis) vs. Steve Voros (Allies). Herb planned a Pacific strategy based on the Axis not taking the Netherlands, allowing a delayed Japanese entry in late 1943! A ferocious struggle for France ensued, followed by a punishing (for both sides) invasion of Russia. However, Herb was able to encircle most of the Red Army in late 1942, leading to an early Axis victory.

Jon Hogen was awarded a certificate for Best Axis Play, European Theater, and the plaque for Best Overall Play, for his defense of Germany. Bob Brophy was awarded a certificate for Best Axis Play, Pacific Theater, for his play against the game's designer. Don Moody was awarded a certificate for Best Allied Play, Pacific Theater for his aggressive advances in the Pacific. Boyd Piper was awarded a certificate for Best Allied Play, European Theater, as the only Allied player to take Berlin.

 GM      Mike Crowe  [4th Year]   5507 Callander Dr, Springfield, VA 22151   NA

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