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Lee Cohen, NJ

2001 Champion

2nd: Charles Kibler, MD

3rd: Ray Stakenas, MI

4th: Devin Flawd, PA

5th: Vincent Collura, PA

6th: Ted Simmons, NJ
Event History
1991    Tara Greenwood       8
1992    Mike Fitzgerald      16
1993    Bruce Harper      25
1994    Megan Brophy      16
1995    John Saunders      16
1996    Don Greenwood      22
1997    Tim Dolan      26
1998    Dan Schulman      33
1999    Dan Dolan Jr     19
2000    Tim Dolan     18
2001    Lee Cohen     26

AREA Ratings:

GM: Charles Kibler

New grappler downs Killer Kibler ...

The 2001 Wrasslin' Single Elimination tournament commenced with a nice mix of managers, old and young, veteran and novice. As in previous years, each manager selected three grapplers from a list supplied by the GM, Charlie Kibler, who was returning to duty after several years' absence. Visibly absent was Dan Dolan Jr., who was involved in a concurrent event.
As usual the first round (of 13 matches) lasted the longest. One of the first to fall, in a stunning upset, was Tim Dolan the reigning champion - whose three wrasslers (Tyler J., Manly Mike & Tricky Dicky) were beat by those of Jeremy Billones (managing the Whammer, the Block Buster and Dirty Sally). Another casualty of the first round was Paul Weintraub (last
year's GM), who was bested in a long, hard fought match by his replacement GM, yours truly.

Thirteen managers remained after the first round matches had ended. As luck would have it, one of the winners felt compelled to drop out in order to play in another event, leaving an even 12. Advancing into the second round were several "old grapplers", such as Dan Dolan and Ray Stakenas II, as well as a healthy smattering of younger players, and some less-experienced ones,
such as Lee Cohen, who had just learned the fundamentals of the game the previous evening. This round also featured many exciting matches, and a few upsets, such as when the ring fighters of the venerable Dan Dolan (Ali, Tyler and the Serpent) were bested by those of Vince Collura. Six managers were eligible to advance to the 3rd round. Once again, however, a competing event claimed another casualty, as one of the winners opted to give up his chance for the title to play in another tourney. This resulted in a bye being awarded to Ray Stakenas II. Ray thus waited ringside as rookie manager Lee Cohen faced off against Mr. Collura, and GM Kibler's stable of uglies commenced to grapple with Devin Flawd's trio.

In an unforgettable match, Flying Phil (Kibler's initial grappler to enter the ring and a recognized "sacrifice") bested, one after the other, all three of manager Flawd's hapless ringers - first Dirty Sally, then Kimono Lizard, and finally (and most incredibly of all), The Whammer. Throughout the round, little ol' Flying Phil must've used every trick in the book (er, that is, card in the deck). That match was over so quickly, in fact, that the Cohen-Collura game had seemingly barely begun. Rather than take a bye into the final, Kibler sat down opposite the waiting Mr. Stakenas II who was itchin' for a trip into the final. Perhaps Ray also figured that Kibler's incredible cards from the previous round would desert his opponent? NOT! Kibler's Flying Phil again came on strong, quickly dispatching the first Stakenas' wrassler. Flying Phil then flew into the cheap seats, allowing
Kibler's second wrassler, the Mastermind, some of the glory as he polished off Ray's last two contestants, including the indomitable "Champ". For the second time in a row, the GM's biggest big ugly, The Cyclops, did not even get a chance to deliver any Nutcrackers. Meanwhile the Collura-Cohen match had ended with Mr. Cohen advancing. This set up a showdown between the veteran GM (who claims to have played hundreds of matches as tester, even before the game had been released), and novice manager Lee Cohen - who had just been taught the game the night before. However, what better teachers than "The Dolan Gang"? They obviously had tutored their student well, as he now was set to play in the coveted Wrasslin' SE Championship match!

The title round witnessed Kibler's Flying Phil quickly succumbing to Cohen's first up, sneaky ol' Dirty Sally. Kibler's Mastermind then stepped onto the mat, intent on dirtying up Ms. Sally a bit. But it was not to be, as she weaved and dodged, getting herself out of jam after jam, and eventually mastered the Mastermind. Kibler, now sensing that the great cards that he
had earlier had finally "gone south", brought in his final wrassler, the brutish Cyclops. This brawny monster, fresh and rarin' to go after seeing no action in the previous two rounds, soon managed to pummel the ailing Sally into submission - but not without getting his one eye blackened. Cohen's Block Buster then climbed into the ring for some serious grapplin', leaving
his backup, the Champ, waiting ringside. Hold after vicious hold were applied, and many blocks used, but when the final bell rang Kibler's mighty Cyclops had fallen and Lee Cohen's stable of wrassler's - Dirty Sally, the Block Buster and the Champ - victoriously entered the ring, arm in arm, to claim the 2001 Championship!

 GM      Charlie Kibler  [6th Year]   614 Lacewood Dr, Edgewood, MD 21040
    cjkibler@home.com   NA

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