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VNC   4 prizes Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
 Demo 18  Rnd1 Heat1 14   
  Rnd1 Heat2 15  Round 2 22  Semi

  Rnd1 Heat1  Garden  Rnd1 Heat2 Round 2 Belmont

John Charbonneau, NH

2001 Champion

2nd: Keith Layton, NJ

3rd: Henry Rice III, NM

4th: Frank Cunliffe, PA

5th: Paul Skrabut, FL

6th: Frank Schmitt, NJ
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2000    Jason Levine     36
2001    John Charbonneau     32

AREA Ratings:

GM: Paul Bean

Renaissance in half the time

This year's VINCI tournament saw a turnout of 32 unique players with three 5-player games played in the first heat and one 5- and four 4-player games played in the second heat. From this collection of talent, 13 players moved on to the semi-finals playing one 5-player and two 4-player boards. The winners of the three boards joined by the runner-up who finished closest to the winner in points moved on to the final.

The tournament used the second edition rules which make only one notable change (as opposed to clarifications) from the first edition and that is to reduce the Specialization chips to one and increase the Barbarian chips by one. One shortfall in the rules that we ran into during play is the lack of a tie breaking mechanism. Since I had not provided a tournament rule to address this situation it was decided that a coin toss was the fairest method to break the tie for second in the final (which was the only time a tie in the score was of consequence and needed to be broken).

The four finalists were John Charbonneau, Frank Cunliffe, Keith Layton and Henry Rice. Keith went first and took Livestock w/ Heritage and Militia as his starting empire. John picking second took Diplomacy and Field General, Henry going third took Messengers and Livestock and Frank choosing last took Slavery and Portbuilding. After Round 2, the score was Henry 29, Frank 23 and Keith and John 21. Round 3 saw the first changes in empires as Keith, John and Frank all declared their empires to be in decline. The new empires chosen were: Keith, Revolutionaries and Militia paying two VP to make this choice; John, Astronomy and Barbarians along with the two VP that went with the pick; Frank, Rebirth and Heritage paying two VP for the combination. Henry changed empires during Round 4, taking Weapons and Mining along with two VP. After Round 4, the score was Henry 47, John 45, Keith 42 and Frank 29. At the end of his Round 5, Frank used his Rebirth ability to decline and choose a new empire without a transition turn, his new empire had Espionage and Messages (paying two VP) as its abilities. Henry took his empire into decline during Round 6 and chose Medicine and Slavery (gaining two VP). After Round 6, the score was John 71, Keith 63, Henry 61 and Frank 42. Round 8 saw both John and Frank taking their empires into decline, John taking Mining and Agriculture and Frank picking Field General and Portbuilding w/ Heritage (paying two VP). After Round 8 the score stood Henry 87, John 84, Keith 83 and Frank 57. Keith made his last empire change during Round 9, taking Currency and Field General (paying two VP) and Henry changed Round 10 taking Agriculture and Agriculture w/ Heritage (gaining four VP). After Round 10 the score was John 109, Henry 107, Keith 101 and Frank 83. During Round 11 John gained enough points to go over 120 and win the game, finishing the game with a final result of John 123, Henry and Keith 117 and Frank 97.

Congratulations to John Charbonneau our 2001 champion and my thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament this year.

 GM      Paul Bean  [2nd Year]   79 E. Emerson St., Melrose, MA 02176   NA

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