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TTA  3 prizes Experienced Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
  Rnd1 Heat1 18

  Rnd1 Heat2  18

 Rnd1 Heat3     Round 2 19   Round 3  21 Final


  Maryland 2

Rebecca Hebner, CO

2001 Champion

2nd: Keith Levy, MD

3rd: Kenneth Sheffield, VA

4th: Scott Buchwalter, MD

5th: James Hopkin, CA

6th: Gordon Elgart, CA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    Peter Staab       72
1998    Brian Sutton      178
1999    Kaarin Engelmann     115
2000    Alan Witte      97
2001    Rebecca Hebner      56

AREA Ratings:

GM: Eric Gorr

Always a titanic struggle ...

There were only 12 preliminary matches this year, which is down considerably, probably due to the tournament taking place
so early in the convention. This meant that every first and second place finisher advanced to the semi-finals and if one placed third, they had a good chance of making it into the semi-finals as an Alternate. As it turned out, due to no-shows, anyone who played in the preliminary rounds would likely have been able to play in the semi-finals.

The highest point total scored in the preliminary matches was by defending champ Alan Witte, who annihilated his opponents in the game by scoring 27 points in two games, with the next highest total being 13.

The title of Tournament Assassin goes to Keith Levy who was allowed to kill off every creature in a semi-final game.

6th seed, Scott Buchwalter, 12th seed, Keith Levy, 15th seed, Rebecca Hebner, 21st seed, Ken Sheffield and 22nd seed, James Hopkin played the finals.

Scott took a commanding lead by winning the first game with 14 points while the next closest was eight points scored by Rebecca and James. Things looked very bad for Keith in the finals, finishing the first game with a mere three points.

The second game of the set would see a reversal of fortunes as Keith soundly defeated his opponents with a 15 points while the next closest was ten points scored by Rebecca and Ken.

The finals, not surprisingly, proved to be the closest matches of the entire tournament, with every position determined via the tiebreaker. Ken, James and Scott finished with a total of 16 points while Rebecca and Keith finished with 18. The win went to Rebecca as she was sitting closest, counter-clockwise to the person who killed the last creature, giving Keith an agonizingly close second and Rebecca the second jewel in her quadruple crown for the week.

The lessons learned in the final were never underestimate the power of allowing someone to end a round and keep a close eye on those who don't seem to have a chance.

The three creatures most likely to receive a secret bet were the Dragon, Unicorn and Titan. The five creatures most likely to be killed were the Warlock, Dragon, Hydra, Cyclops and Titan, with the Warlock and Hydra leading the pack. The top three creatures to survive were the Troll, Ranger and Cyclops.

It is fitting perhaps to conclude this report with a look at the "minors" which so recently gratuated Rebecca to the big leagues. The coming new star this year was Erica Kirchner who bested 13 others in the junior event. Jed Shambeda took second, followed by Katie McCorry, Shea Lawson, Jessica Finkeldey and Grant Herman.

 GM     Eric Gorr  (1st year)   11326 Westbrook Mill Ln, #302, Fairfax, VA 22030
   ericg@cox.rr.com   NA 

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