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OW2   Trial Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
   19 Round 2 21 Round 3 22 Final


Phil Rennert, MD

2000 Champion

2nd: George Sauer, OH

3rd: Nick Anner, NY

4th: Paul Saunders, VA

5th: Steve Cameron, PA

6th: Rob Beyma, MD
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    Bruce Reiff      16
1998    John Emery      16
1999    Phil Rennert     24
2000    Robert Kircher     16
2001    Phil Rennert    16

AREA Ratings:

GM: George Sauer

Resurrecting an old Chestnut ...

The game normally is for five players. However, the tournament format utilized the four-player variant published in THE GENERAL 31-4. The primary differences between the published game and the variant are bidding for countries and usage of a USA Control Table.

Germany, the perceived power in the game, is the first country bid upon. Britain and Russia are then randomly selected for the second and third bidding rounds. France is the default country with a zero bid. The points bid by a player are subtracted
from the final score. Bidding is allowed in 1/2 point increments. The control of the USA is randomly determined each turn. France and Britain are the two countries with the best chance but even Germany has a chance at gaining control on each turn.

The format for the tournament with 16 players in attendance began with four preliminary games with four players in each game. The preliminary round was followed by a final composed of the four preliminary winners. The average bid for Germany in the four preliminary games was 3.5. As opposed to last year where the preliminary round saw the winners of each game being won with a different country, this year Germany won three of the four boards. The winning scores (after bid deductions) ranged from 15.5 to 18. The margin of victory ranged from one point to four. The games all appeared to be closely fought contests.

The final saw Phil Rennert take the hard charging Brits to victory. The last turn saw Germany, played by Paul Saunders, make several furious one-to-one attacks. All of the attacks failed and Britain hung on to win. The score for Phil was 21 after subtracting the bid of 2. Phil scored in every area where Britain is allowed to score. Nicholas Anner (France) and George Sauer (Russia) each scored 16 after their bids were subtracted from their scores. Paul Saunders with a bid of 4 came in fourth with a final adjusted score of 15.

Thanks to George Sauer who assumed GM duties for the scheduled GM who was unable to attend.

 GM      Karsten Engelmann  [1st Year]   7824 New London Dr, Springfield, VA 22153   NA

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