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Paul Risner, TN

2001 Champion

2nd: Roger Santagato, FL

3rd: Christopher Bodkin, IN

4th: Ted Simmons, NJ

5th: Stuart Tucker, MD

6th: Tom Dunning, NY
Event History
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1999    David Weinstein     14
2000    Greg Kulp     13
2001    Paul Risner     25

AREA Ratings:

GM: Stuart Tucker

Viva la revolution ...

The Junta event surged this year to gather 25 players, nearly double the 2000 field, arranged at four tables for the first round. Aided by the a GM with a poor accent, a sombrero and a foreign aid shipment of boxed cereals, the 25 participants eagerly
jumped into their games, quick to pull the trigger at the bank and willing to let the tanks rumble on any coup excuse. Under threat of "fast coup" rules, most of the tables moved along quickly, despite launching the expected frequency of coups. Only the GM's table dragged along, haggling over budgets and safe passage deals, while rotating the presidency in a pseudo-democratic
process that averted the need for coups. This table witnessed a highly successful Minister of Internal Security who soon felt the glare of opposing gunsights. In a lucrative deal, Stuart Tucker offered Minister Kevin Breza a bodyguard for a cut of the loot and then brazenly walked to the bank himself (knowing that his own Monarchist Assassin would watch his own back). The move ensured that Tucker would win the table easily, leaving the rest scrambling for a second place berth in the finals.

At another table, Charles Bramwell and Tom Phillips banked 32 and 30 millions of Pesos respectively to win, but neither could attend the Sunday morning final, allowing Roger Santagato a spot. At the third table, Christopher Bodkin waltzed to an easy victory with 42 MPs, while Chris Bartiromo and Kevin Barry banked in the 30s. At the final table, Ted Simmons and Paul
Risner were the only two who managed to bank more than 20 MPs in a very close game.

The seven-player final consisted of the first and second place players from the first round, with a couple of third-place alternates for those who could not participate. The tone of the final was set early when Presidente Kevin Barry announced that it was a very poor year and then kept three of the bills for himself. Tucker successfully sent his pyschotic assassin to "teach the
ruling class a lesson" (and quickly banked the proceeds). Successor Presidente Roger Santagato, however, continued the trend of greedy presidents, setting up an intriguing series of coup and counter-coup machinations in an attempt to execute either the very rich Minister of Internal Security Ted Simmons or the President, or perhaps the rich First Rebel. In the end, the rebel alliance was bought off with some of Simmons' money, saving the neck of the President. When Santagato was assassinated
later, the endgame target became Tom Dunning.

In the final turn of the game, Minister Tucker colluded with the President to vote down the budget (and then enforce it) to ensure that the bank would be closed for lunch (during the coup). He then launched a bogus coup. Dunning skillfully evaded capture during the bogus coup by fleeing into exile with his Marine battalion. This foiled the efforts of Presidente Bodkin and chummy First Rebel Tucker to execute him and split the money regardless of which side actually "won" the coup. Alas for poor Tom, Minister Simmons accepted a bribe but then murdered him at passport control anyway.

Erstwhile, Paul Risner had been slowly reaping moderate amounts from every budget (and a few secret donations), seemingly never missing a share. This, combined with a timely assassination, gave him 20 MPs and victory when time was called. Santagato earned second with 15 MPs, while Simmons' border deception moved him from sixth up to fourth place, and dropped Dunning from second to sixth. Bodkin and Tucker's failed machinations left them in third and fifth, Bodkin having nearly won the Wood during the final coup.

With a growth trend like this, don't forget to bring your copy of the game next year when this event moves into the gringo's Century group! However, due to the high casualty rate there is now an opening to GM this event in 2002. Are you interested, senor? Sombrero optional.

 GM      Stuart Tucker  [1st Year]   NA 
    econedit@aol.com    NA

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