history of the world [Updated August 2001]

HWD  6 prizes Experienced Single Elim Scheduled 
   18   Round 2 15  
      Round 3  9  Final

   Round 2  Maryland 4  Round 3  Maryland 3

Harald Henning, CT

2001 Champion

2nd: Allen Kaplan, NJ

3rd: Melinda Barnes, NY

4th: Mike Backstrom, MN

5th: Greg Crowe, VA

6th: Ivan Lawson, MD 
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    Ben Grimes       53
1994    Gordon Bliss      102
1995    Tim Johnson      105
1996    Keith Levy      102
1997    Bruce Monnin    108
1998    Greg Crowe       72
1999    Jonas Borra       68
2000    Robert Destro      70
2001    Harald henning      56

AREA Ratings:

GM: Don Del Grande

The Tides of History ...

This year's tournament had a couple of potential problems even before it began. First, the first round had been assigned for 8 PM, which meant that some boards may run until 2 AM (or even later, if anybody decided to ignore my pleadings that no "newcomers" to the game participate); it was moved back to its usual 6 PM start, but with a warning that there might not be enough tables in the room. Second, Hasbro had released its revised (and "revised" is putting it lightly) version a couple of weeks earlier, so there was the chance that someone only familiar with this version would show up; there were even sheets describing the differences in the rules versions just in case. Fortunately for all concerned, there were plenty of tables, and
everybody there was quite familiar with the "blue box" version of the game.

Because of the length of the previous year's rounds, an experimental "the attacker rolls all dice in combat" rule was suggested, but far too many players preferred to have defenders roll their own dice. As it turned out, the games ran fast this year even with defenders rolling their own dice.

The only incident of note in the first round came when someone called the GM over to note that their Fujiwara and Japan Minor Empire cards had the correct starting locations on them. Sure enough, there were apparently two sets of event card printings, one with the start areas switched (as mentioned in the errata) and one with them correct. The semi-final round was similarly uneventful, after only 30 players showed up, including the player who finished the first round in next-to-last place. However, there would not be a repeat of 2000's "player rising from the ashes" as all six finalists were among the top 36 from the first round.

The final proved to be close throughout. The early start may have taken its toll on Harald Henning, who played Egypt in the first Epoch, placed three Armies in the Middle East, and then realized that Sumeria had three there as well. Later, in the third Epoch, Greg Crowe played the Romans with Elite Troops, and when they expired, Fanatacism, but only managed 30 points. Despite this, Greg finished only six points behind the winner...but in fifth place. Harald's Greeks from Epoch 2, with help from difficult terrain, threw Mike Backstrom's Epoch 4 Arabs (with Fanatacism) back four times in Pindus. The luck turned against Harald in Epoch 5 when Mongols played a Leader, who promptly died on the first attack (which was a tie).

Finally, in the last turn, Harald started with Russia and put up a respectable score of 196, even though he lost five Armies in China. Melinda, needing 52, turned over France, Civil Service, and Weaponry, but only managed 50. Allen Kaplan was the last real threat, needing 56, and playing Britain, Japan, and Weaponry. Although there were various point counts made by the players, it seemed to come down to a final attack on Southern Iberia with a +1 to the attack...and Allen rolled a pair of ones to lose the attack and fall one point short - a point he would have received had he occupied an open Australia with his last unit. (This GM knows from personal experience what that feels like...)

Unable to attend WBC 2002 I now turn over the GM reigns to the next volunteer. Who will continue the tradition?

 GM      Don Del Grande  [3rd Year]   142 Eliseo Drive, Greenbrae, CA 94904-1339
    del_grande@netvista.net   NA

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