hannibal: rome vs carthage [Updated May 2001]

HRC  5 prizes Experienced Swiss Continuous 
   19     10 Round 2 15 Round 3 20
  Round 4 9  Round 5 15  Round 6 19      


Aaron Fuegi, MA

2001 Champion

2nd: James Pei., TX

3rd: Paul Gaberson, PA

4th: Jim Heenehan, PA

5th: Keith, Wixson, NJ

6th: Stuart Tucker, MD
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    Thomas Drueding      58
1997    James Doughan      52
1998    Karsten Engelmann      52
1999    Jung Yueh     46
2000    James Pei     41
2001    Aaron Fuegi     35

AREA Ratings:

GM: Michael Welker

Over the Alps for 15 restful years in Italy ...

The Hannibal tournament at WBC remained well attended in 2001, despite a few headaches brought on by your humble GM (I chalk it all up to a learning experience)!

Some interesting factoids:
* Rome won 54% of the games overall; however, among the top five players, 12 wins came with Carthage, nine with Rome.
* This year's champion preferred to play as Carthage, as did two of the others among the top 10 players; two did not seem to care about the side played, while the other five (including last year's champion) preferred Rome.
* When the bid went to 2 or higher, 14 of 24 bid winners chose Rome.
* The average winning bid to take Rome was 1.7. The average to take Carthage was 1.2.
* Carthage was sacked twice in 50 games. Rome was never sacked.
* 60% of the games were decided by PC advantage after nine turns (16 Roman wins, 14 Carthaginian, including six ties)
* Hannibal died in 85% of Roman wins. Hannibal died in 21% of Carthaginian wins. Hannibal died on average in turn 6.
* Scipio Africanus died in only 14% of the games (though he was pent up besieged in Gades in one game).
* Syracuse did not join Carthage in 50% of the games. When Syracuse did not arrive, the chances of Roman victory increased by two-thirds.
* The alliance with Phillip occurred in 64% of the games, with a strong correlation between the length of the alliance and Carthaginian victory.
* Truce cards were dealt out 2.5 times per game, with the final shuffle typically happening after turn 6 or turn 7.

Overall, players were sportsmanlike as well as forgiving of a few glitches, the GM remained grateful for the constant dedication of the excellent players as well as the assistant GMs who more than once went to bat on my behalf.

 GM      Michael Welker  [2nd Year]   811 Lawson Ave, Steubenville, OH 43952
    mwelker@amdg.org   NA

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