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GUE   3 prizes Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
   Demo 11
  12 Round 2 15Final 

  Maryland 3

Wade Fowble, MD

2001 Champion

2nd: Michael Mitchell, GA

3rd: Steve Scott, CA

4th: Jim Marousek, VA

5th: Ray Stakenas, MI

6th: Tiger von Pagel, FL
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    Kevin LeRow      40
1995    Peter Stein      36
1996    Caleb Cousins      30
1997    Gordon Rodgers      36
1998    Forrest Speck      30
1999    Rob Kilroy     28
2000    Steve Huskey     27
2001    Wade Fowble     15

AREA Ratings:

GM: Neal Schlaffer

5 Top-Six GM Nominations

Viva la Revolution

It was a tough year for counter-insurgency as Guerilla fell out of the Century after an eight-year reign, but 15 "would-be" dictators battled in the steamy jungles of the Musa Republica for the right to be called El Supremo. The top two players from each game advanced into the final six-player game.

In game 1 of the prelims, Gordon Rodgers saw victory fade from view as he tried desperately to maintain less than a 24-point VP spread. In the sudden death phase of the game that lasted 11 die rolls (five dr at the > 5 level) control of key installations went to the government. The VP spread was 27 points and Gordon was the lone mercenary. This allowed Michael Mitchell to sneak past Gordon by just two points to take the second place spot.

In game 2 of the prelims, the faction point spread was close for most of the game. Again control of the key installations pushed the VP beyond the reached of the mercenary. This time, however, Jim Marousek, was able to hang on to second place and advance to the final round. In the third game, the rebels gained control early and never relinquished it.

Tiger von Pagel's position shifted many times during game 3 but she ended up in the lead at the end. Both she and Wade Fowble had gained control of several installations which propelled them to the final round. Wade quietly scored big on a number of attacks, but was halved as the government faction went down in defeat. But such was the size of his point total that the defeat still left enough for him to carry second place

 Game # of Players Rebel VP Gov't VP Qualifiers
1 5 174 201 1st Ray Stakenas (RS)
        2nd Michael Mitchell (MM)
2 5 132 164 1st Steve Scott (SS)
        2nd Jim Marousek (JM)
3 5 185 149 1st Tiger von Pagel (TP)
        2nd Wade Fowble (WF)

The final round of six players was played with two each of the faction chits. At no point during the game did either faction run away with the game. By the end it was the control of the key installations and a few last minute rebel attacks that would propel their faction to win the game by a margin of 31 VPs.

First deck play was one sided. WF kept up a relentless assault on installations and easy pickings to rack up an impressive lead of 20 points. He carefully withdrew and deployed an impressive number of big "killer" groups. The other players wrangled among themselves for the scraps left by Wade. JM's play was plagued by having weak attack groups and only a few leaders. There were even several turns when he had no units on the table, this being partially due to WF's relentless search for easy points. Late in the first deck ,WF used his 20-point Government group to squash MM's 15-point rebel group. He then doubled it with a late breaking news report for a total of 30 VPs. TP drew the Revolution card and forced WF to exchange with MM. Unknown to any other players, this was to be a deciding factor in WF's lopsided win for he had just been turned rebel. RS emptied the first deck by drawing eight successive cards.

Second deck action began with MM's 24-point Rebel group annihilating SS's15-point Gov't group. At this time the Rebel faction led by 60 points. TP tried to turn things around by deploying, in her words, "a Crappie Gov't group" worth 13 points. WF combined two groups with an Air Assault to capture the Banco. RS' Policia was ineffectual for most of the game. MM continued to get hammered by his own attacks as they fell victim to a series of Ambushes. TP successfully attacked and the government took control of the Presidential Palace. MM drew a Traitor and played it on WF's (3+2, 5, 5, 7) G group, changing it to rebel. The players continued to help WF's cause. The Revolution card was drawn early and affected MM and JM as they exchange chits. The effect was to give a rebel chit to MM. In the end it gave him second place. SS lost a big Rebel group and the rebel faction lead was cut to four points. WF added to the rebel lead by defeating an 11-point Gov't group. RS used one of his few offensive actions to lose an Armor Column to rebel forces and their faction gets good propaganda to double the VP. The U.N. finally appears and is played on SS by MM, but why? WF gains control of the Presidential Palace from TV and garrisons it with nine strength points. JM discards four cards and declares "he has no chance to win" and he's right. SS doubles two of his Gov't units with Ambushes and takes 15 VP for the government. Sudden death is in effect. The players see no chance to catch WF and scramble for second and third place. RS loses his last deployed group in a suicidal attack only to deploy another. JM wants to use the Air Assault but the weather won't allow it. WF finally makes the weather clear and captures the Bridge. RS ends the game with a SD dr=5 after killing a 3-point garrison at the Airfield.

In the final analysis, WF had the game locked up early. Had he not controlled 19 points worth of installations by games end and if he held a losing faction to half his victory point he would still have placed second. But those were only "what-ifs". He ends the game 61 points ahead of the runner-up. All hail, El Supremo Wade Fowble. Now, deal me an assassin card.

 Position Player Victory Points Faction
1st Wade Fowble 115 Guerilla
2nd  Michael Mitchell   54 Guerilla
3rd Steve Scott  26 Mercenary
4th Jim Marousek  21 Government
5th Ray Stakenas II  20 Government
6th Tiger von Pagel  14 Mercenary

 GM      Neal Schlaffer  [8th Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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