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Kevin McCarthy, OH

2001 Champion

2nd: Allen Kaplan. NJ

3rd: Chuck Stapp, NJ

4th: Dave Zimmerman, PA

5th: Bryan Van Nortwick, NC

6th: Roger Knowles, OH
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    Michael Uhrich      19
1993    Kevin McCarthy      17
1994    Allen Kaplan      18
1995    Vince Meconi      10
1996    Allen Kaplan      16
1997    Kevin McCarthy      10
1998    Kevin McCarthy      22
1999    Vince Meconi     10
2000    Vince Meconi     12
2001    Kevin McCarthy     18

AREA Ratings:

GM: Allen Kaplan

Still on Trial ...

This year witnessed a rebirth in interest in Gettysburg. Last year the number of contestants dropped below 16 and this old favorite was placed on the Trial events list. This year 18 players entered due to a combination of timing and a quicker format. The single elimination format, using timed rounds, moved games along at a brisk pace. A number had to be adjudicated, but most were easy decisions.

The tournament used the three-day battle with sudden death victory conditions and all optional rules, except replacement leaders. Sides were determined by secret choice. In the event of both players choosing the same side, the dice were rolled with the high roller having the first bid for sides by victory points. Bids were auction style. Although most players wanted to be the South, the winning side was fairly even between the Blue and Gray. The bids significantly determined the ultimate winner of only one or two games.

In the first round winners included Kevin McCarthy , Bryan Von Nortick, Dave Zimmerman, Byron Stingley, Roger Knowles, Bill Place, Chuck Stapp , Mike Pacheco, and in the closest adjudicated match of the tournament, Allen Kaplan over John Poniske. A special sportsmanship kudo goes to John for taking the long debated decision of the two assistant GM's like a true gentleman.

The second round started with a perfect eight player-bracket when Mike Pacheco dropped out to kick some butt in the Great Campaigns of the Civil War Tournament. The winners of the second round were all players with strong records of past victories. Those advancing were Kevin McCarthy ( three-time champion), Dave Zimmerman (a frequent finalist), Chuck Stapp (1999 Waterloo champ) and Allen Kaplan ( two-time champion).

The semi-finals pitted Kevin McCarthy against Dave Zimmerman and Chuck Stapp vs Allen Kaplan. Allen made quick work of Chuck's Yankees. However, the battle between Dave and Kevin was much closer.This set the stage for the final between Kevin McCarthy and Allen Kaplan who between them would be battling for their isxth title.

Allen took the South with a bid of two. The first day started conservatively, as the Rebels entered cautiously to avoid any risk of loss to the irreplaceable infantry divisions. When the Southern strength was assembled in the afternoon, the South struck hard inflicting casualties and gaining victory point hexes.

The second day of battle started with casualties being inflicted on both sides. On each turn both sides attacked with all available force seeking to break the power of the opposition. The turning point came when both neared the breaking point. The dice grew cold for the South when no casualties were inflicted in three turns of all-out assaults. The North took a gradual advantage to slowly erode the Rebels and Allen conceded Kevin's fourth championship.

 GM      Allen Kaplan  [1st Year]   NA 
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