fortress europa [Updated August 2001]

FSE  3 prizes Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
  Round 2 13 Round 3 17 Round 4 21  Final      


Brad Frisby, MD

2001 Champion

2nd: Robert Frisby, VA

3rd: Paul Koenig, CA

4th: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

5th: Kevin Hacker, PA

6th: John Grant, CT
Event History
1991    Randy Schilb       8
1992    Michael Newman      22
1993    Michael Newman      16
1994    Michael Newman      12
1995    Trevor Bender      12
1996    Randy Heller      12
1997    Randy Schilb      10
1998    Paul Koenig      14
1999    Bruno Sinigaglio     13
2000    Robert Frisby     16
2001    Brad Frisby     16

AREA Ratings:

GM: Paul Koenig

Still in the Century

After six years as a Trial event, FSE kept serve with the requisite 16 players to remain in the Century. The event featured modified Victory Conditions and weather rules.

This year's final saw a rematch of the Frisby brothers from last year's final. Robert carried the day last year as the Germans, but this time the sides were reversed. Robert invaded as the Allies in the 19th military district near the Italian coast and encountered no German opposition in capturing Cannes and Nice. However, the safe landing site meant that the Allies controlled neither Toulon nor Marseille at the end of turn one. The Allies pressed on over the next two turns, capturing
Toulon on turn 2 and Marseille on turn 3, as well as eliminating all of the units in Italy. The Allies were constrained from further breakout by a storm on Turn 3. Although the beachead was fairly contained by these events, the Allies succeeded in a well-executed paradrop near Lyon involving bridge bombing attacks, capturing the critical city on turn six. Although German strength in the area was limited, the Germans were able to use their three ground support aircraft to assist their only German paradrop and enough armor crossing the bombed river to muster a successful 2-1 counterattack. With Lyon back in German
hands and better defended, both sides braced for the almost certain second Allied paradrop/Ranger invasion on turn 7 in an attempt to capture a port city. Unfortunately for the Allies, the attempt could not be made after Robert rolled a "six" for his second storm on the last turn--an ironic repeat of the two-storm final that sealed the Allies' fate in last year's final.

 GM      Paul Koenig  [4th Year]   310 Cabrillo St., Cosa Mesa, CA 92627    NA

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