enemy in sight [Updated August 2001]

EIS   3 prizes Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
   Demo  9, 14
     9  Round 2 12 Final

  Maryland 4

Thomas Wojke, PA

2001 Champion

2nd: Michael Sincavage, VA

3rd: Michael Mitchell, GA

4th: Robert Kirchner, MA

5th: Robert Kilroy, PA

6th: Randall MacInnis, NJ
Event History
1991    Winston Forrest      17
1992    John Kilbride      32
1993    Fred Gosnell      38
1994    Larry York      37
1995    Phil Thomas      49
1996    Fred Gosnell      36
1997    Tim Evinger      64
1998    Winston Forrest      59
1999    Gordon Rodgers     42
2000    Gordon Rodgers     42
2001    Thomas Wojke     55

AREA Ratings:

GM: Neal Schlaffer

5 Top-Six GM Nominations

Deja Vu on the Open Waves

The size of the field this year mandated seven 7-player and one 6-player game. Gordon Rodgers, the two-time defending champion trying for the trifecta was done in by his reputation and eliminated in the first round. The three lady admirals also failed to advance. One game ended by mutual agreement. It became apparent that no-one would catch Michael Mitchell. He captured four prizes without ever playing a Boarding Party and got them back to Port in one turn. The prizes all came from abortive attempts by other players to capture one of his damaged ships. Even if the other players could blast all eight ships in his fleet out of the water, he still had four more in port and was 62 points ahead of the nearest player. The eight winners advanced to the final round.

MS drew first blood by sinking the Yarmouth. MM gets fire on his Constitution which is successfully boarded and prized by TW. PK follows this example and steals a burning Essex and declares it a prize. MM and TW teamed up and fire on the Santissima Trinidada inflicting 4 damage. PM grabs the dismasted Essex with a burning Macedonia and gets them both to port his next turn. MS hits PM's port with a Fireship and sank both the Essex and Macedonia by rolling two "5"s. TW Breaks the Line (BTL) of MS's Fleet, who vows revenge. RKil smells blood and sinks MS's Guerrier. RK draws a Strike card and loses the Thunderer to TW's Boarding Party. SC uses a Refuse Battle to get out of harms way as the iron begins to fly. RM captures the Captain. MM sinks the Agamemnon, while MS does likewise to the Serapis. SC plays the British BTL on TW's fleet. PM draws a fire, which is placed on the damaged Santissima Trinidada. MM, with four remaining ships hits TW's prize for one hull. MS, under the French BTL, dismasts the Revenge, boards at ­1 and misses with a dr of '5'. RKil dismasts the Temeraire, boards with the Java +1 and declares a prize. PM sinks the Randolph while MM draws the Weathergauge. The deck ends with MS having no ships in his line but with 35 points of sunk vessels. RKil is the vocally declared leader having scored 45 points.

Second deck action starts with both Weathergauges coming out in the first five cards. It's stormy weather ahead. Each player sets his fire protection and a Fire starts on the Africa. RM adds the Mars to his fleet. Rather than let it burn, MM sinks the Africa. The Admiralty sends for SC's Serapis. TW is setting up the Santissima Trinidada with a 3 hit to the hull. MS hits the Constellation for one and SC sinks it. RM dismasts the San Justo and boards with Brittania with a dr of 4+2. RKil plays the French BTL on RM and shouts "Sharks in the water, eat gentleman eat." MM proceeds to dimast the Fougueux and takes it as a prize. TW sinks TM's Java. Not wanting to be left out RK sinks the Guerrier. MM with MS help put a total of six hits in the hull of the Indefatigable. RKil has been hammered and is down to one ship. He takes that ship and attempts a Boarding Party with no grape versus the dismasted Brittannia with a 3-grape. Even without the -3 he rolls a 1 and loses his last ship. After a few more exchanges PM's Europe takes the burning Bahama prize as the round ends.

With new fleets and renewed hopes, third deck action begins. MM hits the Serapis to his right and immediately gets another turn as a fire is played and is placed on it. MM sinks it with a 4-hit broadside. RKil attempts to board the Royal Sovereign with the San Justo and fails. MS goes for the same action with the Randolph in the vanguard and succeeds. TW takes the Fougueux as a prize and RM responds by placing the Spanish BTL on him. The very next player pulls the Weathergauge and TW Refuses Battle to get the prize his very next turn. At this point each player is trying to grab as many ships as possible. Most ships go down while a few are captured and turned against their former masters. MS quietly obtains two prizes (San Justo and San Leandro) for 40 VP. In his next two turns, TW sinks both the Venguer Du Peuple and the Bienfaison. SC helps RK who sinks TW Droits L'Homme. RKil steals the Brittania. TW and RK each add an additional sunk ship to their VP level. RK tries a Fireship versus the dismasted Ville de Paris and failing this, the game ends. This game could have gone another round. However, TW was too strong in the end to reduce his fleet and there was no concerted effort on the part of the other players to knock him down a peg. It was every man for himself. They'll be placing his statue in Trafalgar Square.

Final Round Scores
 Place Name 1st hand 2nd hand 3rd hand
 1st Thomas Wojke (TW) 19 28 (47) 64 (111)
 2nd Michael Sincavage (MS) 20 20 (40) 51 (91)
 3rd Michael Mitchell (MM) 11 31 (42) 26 (68)
 4th Robert Kircher (RL) 10 26 (36) 23 (59)
 5th Robert Kilroy (RKil) 45 -15 (30) 28 (58)
 6th Randall MacInnis (RM) 22 27 (49) 8 (57)
 7th Pat Mirk (PM) 26 9 (35) 0 (35)
 8th Steve Cameron (SC) 12 10 (22) 0 (22)

( ) cumulative score.

 GM      Neal Schlaffer  [11th Year]   NA 
    NA   NA

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