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  Rnd1 Heat1  16  Novice    Rnd1 Heat2  
  Rnd1 Heat3 11  Round 2 19 Semi       Round 3 Final 9   

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Aaron Fuegi, MA

2001 Champion

2nd: Frank Hamrick, NC

3rd: Patrick Beauddin, PA

4th: Like Moffit, NJ

5th: Craig Moffit, NJ

6th: Joe Bellizzi, NJ
Event History
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1999    John Kilbride     77
2000    Chetan Radia     49
2001    Aaron Fuegi     66

AREA Ratings:


GM: Mark Guttag

Acquiring Civilization ...

Thanks to a new format and better scheduling, the tournament increased in size from last year. For the 2001 E&T tournament, players were only guaranteed to advance to the semifinals if the player won the first heat game he/she played in, whether that game was in heat 1, 2 or 3. Players who won their second game would only advance if there were fewer than 16 "first game" winners. In fact, 16 players won their first game and four won their second. Two very skilled players, Kevin Brownell and Jeff Cornett won both their first and second games acting as eliminators to fill out four-player games in heats 2 and 3, respectively.

In the finals, Aaron Fuegi (1st player in turn order) defeated Frank Hamrick (2nd player), Patrick Beaudoin (4th player) and Luke Moffitt (3rd player) in the fastest and lowest scoring games of the tournament: 5-5-5-13 to 3-3-3-7 to 3-3-3-4 to 2-3-6-7. The game finished in less than an hour. Just as he did in his victories in Heat 2 and in the semi-finals, Aaron built no monuments in winning the finals. In fact, in an unusual occurrence, none of the players in the finals built a monument, thereby explaining the unusually low scores.

Certainly the most amazing story this year belongs to Frank Hamrick. Frank had a heart attack on Monday, the day before the WBC started. After undergoing surgery to place a stint in one of his arteries, Frank left the hospital on Thursday and was driven to the WBC from his home in North Carolina by his gaming friends. In his one and only chance to qualify for the semi-finals, Frank won his game in Heat 3, his first win in two years of playing E&T at WBC. Frank eventually made it to the finals, taking home the 2nd place plaque.

Unlike the 2000 tournament when the player playing 2nd won over half of the games, in 2001 the players going 1st and 4th did the best, with the first player winning four out of five games in the semi-finals and finals. Listed below are the results for all 27 four-player tournament games this year.

Cumulative Finishes for

3 Heats, Semi-Finals, & Finals


Dynasty 1

Dynasty 2

Dynasty 3

Dynasty 4

Although E&T offered a Novice Division this year, no players decided to play as novices.

 GM      Mark J. Guttag [3rd Year]  610 South Fayette St., Alexandria, VA 22314   (703) 549-5960

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