cosmic encounter [updated August 2001]

BAT  3 prizes Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
  Rnd1 Heat1 18 Demo 21  
  Rnd1 Heat2  Rnd1 Heat3 13          Round 2Final

   Rnd1 Heat1 Salon A   Rnd1 Heat2 Rnd1 Heat3 Salon EF  Round 2 Maryland 3

Tom Stokes, NJ

2001 Champion

2nd: Laurel Stokes, NJ

3rd: Tim Swartz, MD

4th: Mark Geary, OH

5th: Paul Weintraub, MD

6th: Dan Dolan Sr, NJ
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2001    Tom Stokes     28

AREA Ratings:

GM: Paul Weintraub

Space travel ... not all it's cracked up to be

Eons ago, man thought he was alone in the universe. He gained the capacity to travel faster than light. Then he met the others. Strange aliens, with special abilities to take over and colonize our worlds. We had to adapt! Through gene splicing and brain wave manipulation, we are now known as the Empath.

28 races met to try to take over the known universe. After centuries of fighting, the last six attempted their final assaults on each other's home worlds. They are, Clone (Dan Dolan Sr), Amoeba (Mark Geary), Chronos (Laurel Stokes), Empath (Thomas Stokes), Oracle (Paul Weintraub) and the Pacifist (Tim Swartz).

First to attack was the Amoeba. He attacked Empath. With the help of the Clone, the incoming forces were repelled. Clone took defender compensation. Next up was the Oracle. He attacked the Pacifist. They decied to talk things out instead of destroying each other. Chronos then attacked the Empath. Quick negotiations allowed Chronos to take on the Amoeba next. Amoeba fell hard to the time traveller. Clone, with half the encounter cards in his hand due to helping defend everyone, attacked Pacifist and Chronos, to gain two quick victories for the reproducer. All other races suddenly feared Clone with his vast number of cards and superior troop numbers. It was clear a coalition had to be formed. By working together, Chronos, Pacifist and Empath might slow the Clone juggernaut.

After several rounds of intense battle, the coalition prevailed. All three gained a joint victory on the Empath's turn. Second and third place were assigned by being closest to the active player moving clockwise around the board.

Special thanks and a sportsmanship nod to Carolyn De Marco who declined her rightful place among the finalists as the only alternate with a copy of the game required for play to allow the higher ranking alternate to take her place while using her game.

Tim Schwartz (left) with Tom and Laurel Stokes - the winning coalition.

 GM      Paul Weintraub  [1st Year]  17 N. Post Rd, Aberdeen, MD 21001   NA

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