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ATS  3 prizes Experienced Swiss Elim Continuous 
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   Salon EF

John Conlon, OK

2001 Champion

2nd: Greg Courter, MI

3rd: Steve Caler, PA

4th: Kaarin Englemann, VA

5th: Frank Cunliffe, PA

6th: Jerry Smolens, PA
Event History
1991    John Fuqua      33
1992    Steve Rugh      26
1993    Bruce Young      34
1994    Dave Kuchta      46
1995    Jack Reid     40
1996    John Emery   40
1997    John Emery      32
1998    Earl Anderson      32
1999     Brian Conlon     36
2000     Bill Edwards      32
2001     John Conlon      34

AREA Ratings:

GM: Bill Edwards

run silent, run deep ... well, silent anyway

It was a bright cloudless day. The sea was smooth as glass. Not good conditions for the 34 weary commanders to test their skills in the open seas. The group was randomly assigned to seven four person and two three person groups for round robin play. Four commanders depth charged and torpedoed their way to 3/0 records and moved directly to the finals. Eight players with either 2/1 or 2/0 records slogged it out to produce four more finalists. Then to the death they fought in single elimination. And of these eight, seven went to the briny deep and one emerged victorious in a fashion only Attack Sub can deliver.

The scenarios were the same as used for last years event: A, B, C, D, E, H. An initial random draw gave the winner the choice of sides and the loser choice of nationality. Another draw was made to determine start order. And when the dust had settled, over 120 some duels in some 4+ hours gave renewed vigor to the adage the quick and the dead.

The quarter finals saw last year's victor smacked badly and quickly, albeit gently by that Beltway Bandito, Kaarin Engelmann; Scenario D, sunk in half a deck, ugly. Last year's GM, Keith Hunsinger, after taking the long road to the quarter finals, lost to John Conlon our Scenario B expert. Jerry Smolens, undefeated in the open round, bowed to Greg Courter in Scenario B and Steve Caler triumphed over Frank Cunliffe in E to round out the final four.

Kaarin then ran into some stiff opposition in Greg Courter, playing her favorite, Scenario D. She then went on to lose the third/fourth place match to Steve Caler. Kaarin went 4 and 2 for the event playing only D. John Conlon then faced Steve Caler in Scenario B, what else! John took the match and the chance to meet Greg Courter, aka: Grinner in the Finals. It was Scenario B, need you ask, the only one John played. I would love to give you a blow by blow but had to duck out of the room briefly. On returning, I found it was a very quick blow with John triumphant. For the event, our winner, John Conlon went 7 and 1, playing only Scenario B. So if you come to his town next year, you better be a good Scenario B player.

 GM      Bill Edwards  [1st Year]   2400 New Berne Rd, Richmond, VA 23228    NA

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