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ACQ  4 prizes Experienced Swiss Elim Continuous 
   9  Round 2 Semi 12  Round 3 Final 13

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Justin Childs, FL

2000-2001 Champion

2nd: Bruce Reiff, OH

3rd: Jason Levine, NY

4th: Arthur Fields, SC

5th: Will Wible, VA

6th: Steve Wolfman, WA
Event History
1991    Forrest Pafenberg      28
1992    Michael Anchors      28
1993    Steve Packwood      38
1994    Bernard Norton      49
1995    Steve Koleszar      43
1996    Al Bingamen      32
1997    Chuck Nail      56
1998    Justin Childs      48
1999    Gary Moss     40
2000    Justin Childs     41
2001   Justin Childs   45

AREA Ratings

GM: Cliff Ackman

With or Without Rancor ...

As this was my first year GM'ing Acquire, I'd like to thank all participants who put up with my inexperience (especially Chuck Nail, Bruce Reiff and Steve Shambeda, gentlemen all). Using WBC official rules rather than local house rules can throw everyone off, including yours truly. I'm glad I had a sheet highlighting specific rules to pass out before the tournament and even more pleased that people read it.

We had 45 people participate early Sunday morning in one of the last tournaments of the week. Players were primarily seated in three sets of 4-player games with points assigned for finishing places. The best 16 point totals advanced to the semi's with only those winners advancing to the finals.

This year's final had a turn 2 takeover when Jason caused a three-tile Imperial to consume a two-tile Luxor benefiting himself and defending champion, Justin. Things calmed down on the board with hotels starting on the outskirts at 3A, 4A; 9A, 10A; 3I, 4I; 12C, 12D; 3G, 3H and Luxor reforming at 11E,11F. Jason and Justin with their extra cash bought a wide variety of stock, battling each other on several fronts. Bruce judiciously saved his cash until the board became more settled, then chose a single hotel chain to battle Justin and a second chain to battle Jason. Arthur bought the early lead in Imperial then looked for bargains when they could be had.

The game ended with only Festival and Imperial still on the Board. Justin had first in Festival and tied with Jason for first in Imperial. This gave Justin his third Acquire championship in four years, an enviable achievement for any game player.

It is impossible to say if any one point in any one game was decisive, but all players (and the GM) were surprised when Jason failed to trade for the last Imperial share after he brokered a merger. This allowed Bruce to gather the share and induce the tie for Imperial.

This year's final was beset with squabbles over the version of the game to be played. Difficulties with later rounds were not that people left (to get a ride home or whatever) but that participants left without telling the GM they were unable to continue. This miscommunication caused delays in forming the next rounds. While every group has personality conflicts, what brings us together is our love of games, challenge, adversity and victory. Through gaming we are able to challenge ourselves to become better by playing the best. Our losses teach us how to handle adversity. Victory gives us pride and hopefully humility. We draw together from all areas and occupations to play games in the melting pot that is WBC. This childhood activity should never become so serious that it would cause anyone to lose sight of the human being sitting across the table. We are all trying to win. If you lose, shake your opponent's hand, congratulate them and vow to do better next year. While some frayed tempers were displayed on Sunday I was glad to see those involved apologize via the net afterwards.

 GM      Cliff Ackman  [1st Year]  4151-C King George Dr, Harrisburg, PA 17109   (NA)

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